Natural and Beautiful Places in Pakistan

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Pakistan has abundant natural and beautiful places which attract travel lovers around the World. Yet, most of the world still to explore these beautiful travel places which are full of Nature, beauty and history. Pakistan is a place with many natural and historic sites with rich culture. That makes it one of the best places in the world to go in the years to come.

Pakistani cities are full of life and color. It has a variety of cultures and attractions as well as delicious & spicy but delicious food. Pakistan is currently one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Therefore, it remains one of the most potential and best travel destinations in the world.

Pakistan is administratively divided into the following territories.

Capital of Pakistan and one of the most beautiful Cities in the World, built in 1960s.

Sheltered by beautiful Margalla Hills (foothills of Himalayas) and renowned for its hiking trails, high standards of living, safety, Cleanliness & abundant greenery making it the most Modern & Urbanized cities of Pakistan, having population around 1.7 m.

Islamabad is a planned city, located in the Potohar Plateau of North Eastern part of Pakistan on the Cross Roads of KashmirPunjab KPK Provinces.
City is divided in Sectors and each square shaped sector is named by combining latin letters and numerals together i.e F-7, E-11, G-6, I-8 etc.

Derived from 2 persian words, Punj & aab.

Punj means Five & aab means Water,  Hence the meaning “Five Waters” refers to the five rivers which flows through Punjab, i.e. Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Sutlej, & Beas, which are the tributaries of the Indus River.

Located at North Western part, Pakistan’s most populous province (Population: 150 m est.) second biggest in terms of area (Area:79,284 sq. miles)

Punjab is known for its rich culture, heritage, food and tradition.
People living is the area called Punjabis, speaking Punjabi.
Lahore is Capital of Punjab.


 Balochistan is located at South Western part and is Pakistan biggest province in terms of area (Area;134,050 sq. miles) but least populous province.

Balochistan is known for its rich natural resources & the vast coastal line.

Quetta is Provioncial Capital of Balochistan.

Balochistan has several tourist attractions which needs to be explored by outer world.

People living in are called Balochis, speaking Balochi & Pushto languages.







Sindh is located at South Eatern part and is 3rd largest province in terms of area (Area: 54,407 sq. miles) and 2nd most populous province after Punjab.

Sindh is known for its diverse culture, sufism & ancient Indus Valley civilizations.

Karachi is Provincial Captial of Sindh.

People living in Sindh are called Sindhis, speaking Sindhi language.







Often abbreviated as KPK or KP is located at North Western side of Pakistan scattered over a area of 39,282 sq. miles.

KPK is known for its heritage, hospitality, Serene Landscapes & Handicrafts. Best Natural and historic places in Pakistan exists here.

Peshawar is Provincial Capital of KPK

Pashto Language is spoken widely.


GB is located at North of Pakistan & widely known as Northern area of Pakistan with area around 28,174 sq. miles.

GB is famous for housing some of the highest peaks of the world including K2, world’s second highest mountain. Besides it also has serene landscape & valleys, rich culture, history & hospitality.

Beautiful natural and historic places in Pakistan can be found here.

Gilgit is the Capital City of GB.


Kashmir, also know as Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) is located at North Western part & is administered by Pakistan.

Kashmir is known for its geography, green valleys and surreal natural beauty.

Muzaffarabad is the Capital City of AJK.

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