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Discovering Gorakh Hill Station: Escape to the Serenity in Sindh

Planning a trip is a great escape from the daily routine. If you are tired of your plans and looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of city life for such kindness, Gorakh hill station is the perfect place. 

Gorakh Hill is the Highest and the Coldest point of Sindh Province in Pakistan. In December, and January temperature falls even around -10 degrees at night. Gorakh Hill is situated approximately 6000 feet above sea level and the mountain range is the boundary between Balochistan and Sindh Provinces of Pakistan.

Gorakh Hill Station Location

Gorakh Hill Station lies in the Kirthar range, on the highest plateau of Sindh, about 94 km northwest of Dadu city. The beautiful mountain station is 1700 m above sea level. However, Gorakhpur hill station is known as “Murree of Sindh” because of the only place where it snows in winter.

Gorakh Hill Station

History of Gorakh Hill Station

Located on the highest plateaus of Pakistan, Gorakh Hill Station is spread over 2500 acres of land. The hill station is famous for the 11th-century medieval Hindu saint Sri Gorakhnath. There are largely differing opinions on the history of this hill station. 

The Word “Gorakh” is a Sanskrit word meaning “herding sheep, cows, and goats”. It is undeniably a peaceful place, except for the scary winding roads. Difficult roads make this place an adventurous place to visit. You will most likely find a local shepherd accompanied by their animals. They come here to feed their goats and sheep.

Weather of Gorakh Hill Station

The weather at Gorakh Hill Station remains calm and cool throughout the year. The average temperature in summer is generally below 20 °C. While the temperature is sub-zero in winter, you may encounter snow at Gorakh Hill Station. The unique temperature allows you to make a trip in any month of the year and enjoy the peaceful panoramic view from the top of the hill. The place is very famous among travelers, both local and international.

Gorakh Hill Station distance from Karachi

 The peak of Gorakh Hill, surrounded by greenery and mountains

The distance between Karachi and Gorakh Hill is 394 km. There are several Gorakh Hill Station tour packages available that will cost you PKR 6000-7000 (please check the latest prices) from Karachi. The travel route will start from Karachi through famous places of Sindh including Hyderabad, Jamshoro, and Shewan city. The roads to get here are well-developed until you reach the final destination town which is Wahi Pandi.

Gorakh Hill Rough Jeep ride

Wahi Pandi sits nestled at the base of the Kirthar range. To access the hill station, a 4×4 jeep from this area is required. Gorakh Hill can only be reached using these specific jeeps. The journey entails riding in open jeeps, passing through flanking forests, feeling the cool breeze tousle your hair, and experiencing the exhilarating bumps for an adventurous escapade.

Most of the tourists avoid visiting Gorakh Hill due to bad road condition from Wahi Pandi. Tourism can be increased if the road can be built from Wahi Pandi to Gorakh Hill as the time spent may be reduced to half.

For genuine winter experiences in Sindh, Gorakh Hill Station stands unparalleled. Above all, the ultimate destination is breathtakingly beautiful, yet the voyage to Gorakh Hill Station is equally stunning. Its enchanting vistas will remain etched in your memory forever.

gorakh hill station

Red mountains at Gorakh Hills

The higher you go, the sharper the hill’s paths are ready to welcome you. Besides, wherever your eye goes, there is nothing, but red mountains and dust-covered mirages on the Gorakh Hill Station road. The mountain tops are covered with clouds, as are the Himalayas. These sights can only be experienced with the eyes alone.

When the sun’s rays fall on the red mountains, it resembles The Grand Canyon in the United States or Ayers Rocks in Australia. At sunset, the mountain tops are blurred by mist, clouds move around, giving the feeling that you are standing in front of Trebevic Mountain in Bosnia. In the hills, you will be accompanied by bright greenery and charming voices of birds. It is a great opportunity to visit this place with friends and family.

Travel essentials

We have written down all the essentials that you should have with you when traveling to a mountain station. Additionally, months of snowfall at Gorakh station are January and February. Take special precautions during this time. 

The list of items includes:

  1. Hiking boots or Cross-Country ski
  • Warm clothes
  • Waterproof jackets
  • Torchlight
  • Sunglasses
  • Gloves
  • Wool socks
  • Sandals or flip-flops
  • Personal accessories
  • Hats
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Personal medicines if you suffer from any illness

Best places to stay in Gorakh Hill Station

Gorakh Hill Station has various hotels to stay, and relax. Some of the nearby hotels include;

  • Gorakh resort
  • Gorakh summer cottages
  • Karachi Adventure Hub Campsite
  • Pension Indus
  • Gorakh Hill of Sindh
  • Royal Guest House Dadu
  • Gorakh Hill Top Resort
gorakh hill station

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Gorakh Hill is May to July in Summer and December to February in Winters, where you may experience Snowfall.

Explore and make Memories

Gorakh Hill is a peaceful place in Sindh. It offers a charm of tranquility and a balanced tourist attraction. The place is surrounded by mountains and beautiful views. Moreover, Gorakh Mountain is famous for its nightlife. Where you can enjoy camping and bonfires, jamming to songs with friends, and stargazing all night long. It has misty morning views and pink sunsets that will amaze you.

While visiting Gorakh Hill, you will learn more about the history and spend time surrounded by nature. It offers adventure activities, including hiking and trekking in the mountains. You will be introduced to the traditional food of Sindh, including Sindhi Biryani. Small breaks on such trips are associated with beautiful memories that You will remember forever. So, what are you waiting for? Gather all the essentials, pack your bags, and witness a beautiful experience from the hill.

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