Harnoi Waterfall and Lake Abbottabad

Harnoi is a small town located 10 km east of Abbottabad on the main Nathiagali Road. Surrounded by mountains and host to pleasant weather, Harnoi Waterfall and Lake Abbottabad is the hub of tourist activities. The town is situated at the conflux of two small rivers, namely Harnoi and Barengali. 

It is said to be the gateway to Galiyat and the perfect tourist spot for a little picnic spree. Nestled in the bosom of the Hindu Kush Mountains, the town attracts a large number of visitors to its picturesque landscape and the freezing waterfalls and streams passing nearby. 

The Harnoi River offers the ideal location for a quality retreat. On the road to Nathiagali, a small off-road path leads down to the river where families gather at the edge to enjoy a hearty meal and rest their feet in the cold water. 

The picnic point bustles with activity as kids treat themselves to fun-filled activities on the merry-go-rounds, horse rides, and other recreational fixtures. 

Harnoi waterfall and lake abbottabad

Harnoi Lake Abbottabad is a renowned excursion spot, with freezing cascades, scenes, and streams. It is around 10 km from Abbottabad towards Nathia Gali.

It is an extremely excellent place with freezing cascades and streams and have tranquil climate.

Traveling to beautiful spots is a very fun activity. When you travel to beautiful locations, loaded with the beauty of nature, you feel inner peace. It’s like your soul has refreshed after being in the company of nature.

One of the things that make traveling to tourist spots interesting is that you also get to learn about the culture of that place.

Pakistan is one of the brightest countries for travelers. Whether you want to feel nature, learn about ancient history, or experience a new culture, Pakistan has it all. That said, Abbottabad is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Pakistan.

Harnoi waterfall and lake abbottabad

Harnoi Waterfall and Lake Abbottabad

With streams, freezing cascades, and scenes, Harnoi Waterfall and Lake is a well-renowned tourist attraction in Pakistan. It is surrounded by densely forested steep mountains. To put it simply,  It’s a small beautiful lake with lots of greenery. If you are a hiking enthusiast, Harnoi Lake is the place you should consider visiting.

One of the best things about the Lake is that the weather at this lake stays good throughout the year. While people visit in winter as well, mostly, this place is crowded in the summer.

Location of the Harnoi Waterfall and Lake Abbottabad

Harnoi waterfall and lake abbottabad

It is located roundabout 10km away from Abbottabad towards Nathia Gali. Exploring the location of Harnoi Lake Abbottabad is worth a shot. Whoever went to this lake has always persuaded others to visit as well.

Resorts, Restaurants, and tea shops at Harnoi Lake Abbottabad

While making up your mind about visiting Harnoi Waterfall Abbottabad, you don’t need to worry about basic human necessities. For your convenience, this lake accompanies well-facilitated resorts where you can stay during your trip. Apart from providing basic facilities, the pricing of resorts is quite affordable as per the standards of prices of resorts at various tourist locations in Pakistan.

Harnoi Abbottabad has restaurants that know how to please your tastebuds with their tasty food. No need to worry about hygiene as restaurants here offer food that doesn’t cause any stomach or chest problems.

What better place than tea shops to have a lively conversation with your friends/family? Harnoi Lake Abbottabad also has tea shops to warm your day.

There is a river flowing near restaurants and tea shops. At the side of the river, there are cots placed. Usually, tourists prefer sitting on those cots to eat food or drink.

Harnoi waterfall and lake abbottabad

Fun activities for kids at Harnoi Lake Abbottabad

Harnoi Lake doesn’t disappoint when it comes to fulfilling kids’ needs. Accompanying a roller coaster and many swings, this lake is pro in making the day for kids. There is also a balloon shooting game facility that kids, as well as elders, can enjoy.

Wall of Death at Harnoi Lake Abbottabad

Harnoi Waterfall has a small wall of death, where people can enjoy seeing the fancy acrobats of bikers.

Horse riding at Harnoi Lake Abbottabad

A renowned excursion spot isn’t complete without a horse riding facility. Some residents of Harnoi Lake Abbottabad have horses on which you can ride around by paying due charges for the ride.

Mini 4-wheeler trucks at Harnoi Lake Abbottabad

As far as recreational activities go, what makes Harnoi Lake Abbottabad special is that it also has the facility of mini 4-wheeler trucks to ride. This is something not available in every tourist spot in Pakistan.


There are many beautiful visiting locations in Pakistan, and Harnoi Lake Abbottabad is one of them. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, restaurants, tea shops, and fun facilities, Harnoi Lake Abbottabad is a place that a person should try visiting once in life.

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