Princess of Hope, Hingol National park

Princess of Hope: Nature’s Unique Artistry in Balochistan Pakistan

The Princess of Hope is a princess-looking natural rock formation across the horizon, about 190 kilometers (120 mi) Karachi, Pakistan and about 717 kilometers (446 mi) from the provincial capital, Quetta of Balochistan.

The whole park is covered with ravines and mountains of mud and rock. The site is located in Hingol National Park in the Lasbela district of Balochistan.

Princess of Hope Named By Angelina Jolie

The name was coined by Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie during a visit to Pakistan in 2002.

As soon as the word “Princess of Hope” was heard, it came to mind that the name of the Egyptian princess, who was present, lit up a candle of hope among the people of that time. It was so called by that name.

There are many beautiful beaches and valleys in the state of Balochistan, which are incomparable. But people do not see the beauty of many places, even the princess who has been silent for a few years. However, this stone sculpture carved in the Makran Coastal mountains is now known as the “Princess of Hope”.

Princess of Hope Location

The princess in this image, located 190 km from Karachi, is wearing a royal style. The tall princess looks beautiful, but she looks like someone has her hopes. The film was named Princess of Hope in 2002 by popular Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. 

Princess of Hope Story

Angelina Jolie visited the area as a UN Goodwill ambassador at the time and when she visited Hingol National Park, she saw a princess standing in the mountains for many years. The name came to her mind when she saw the princess and she named the princess of this long-standing statue in the area “Princess of Hope”. 

The name of this princess of hope once again became famous and this long-standing statue was revered. In the past, this statue, standing on the shores of the Arabian Sea, would have been tempered by strong winds and dust storms, but it would not remain so without its ownership. 

There is another similar statue of the Sphinx in this area. It resembles the famous Egyptian image of the Sphinx, the only friend of the princess who stands in this desolate desert. According to experts, the statues are 750 years old and are historically valuable.

Karachi to Princess of Hope Hingol Distance

People from Karachi have to travel 4 hours to reach this area.

To get here, first go to Hub and then to Zero Point. As you walk down the Makran Coastal Highway, you get to see some of the beautiful scenery that makes this trip memorable and unobtrusive. As you continue your journey you will reach Hingol National Park.

Please bear in mind that this road trip can be challenging in certain areas due to the limited availability of highway services, making the journey demanding. It’s advisable to carry ample provisions, including sufficient fuel, to avoid any fuel shortages.

Since there are no mechanics or automotive repair shops along the way, ensure you have a set of car repair tools on hand for potential use. Verify that your vehicle is in excellent working condition without any pre-existing issues. If your vehicle encounters any problems, it’s best not to proceed.

While the number of tourists visiting the Princess of Hope and Hingol National Park has been steadily increasing, regrettably, no measures have been implemented to safeguard this cultural heritage. Many visitors to this site inscribe their names and the names of their loved ones on the walls using sharp objects or markers. Consequently, in various locations, you will encounter the names of individuals who have been deeply moved by the beauty and history of this place.

Attractions near Princess of Hope

This strip of Balochistan holds significant importance due to its numerous tourist and historical sites. Kund Malir, Hingol National Park, Hinglaj Mata Temple, Sphinx of Balochistan, Ormara Beach, and Gwadar offer a range of tourist attractions that should be enhanced, beautified, and upgraded. Simultaneously, the Government of Balochistan should make efforts to enhance the quality of local road infrastructure and provide accommodations, hotels, grocery stores, fuel stations, and other essential tourist facilities. Such developments are vital for fostering the growth of tourism in this region.

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