Road Safety rules

10 Useful Advices for Road Safety Rules

Road Safety rules points are for the protection and welfare of people while performing their day-to-day activities and also one should take care take care of themselves and their loved ones to remain safe and healthy. We would like to reiterate and refresh some life-saving instructions to promote road safety:

Road Safety Rules for Car Drivers / Motorcyclists

road safety awareness
  • For motorcyclists, wearing a protective helmet is required for personal safety as well as by the Law
  • For car drivers, wearing seat belts is essential and a requirement by Law. Ensure that children in the vehicle either wear seat belts or sit in an approved child restraint seat
  • Obey and follow all traffic signals, lights, and road marking signs
  • Use the indicator or hand signals when changing lanes
  • Adhere to permissible speed limits
  • Don’t use your cell phone while driving as it is dangerous and is also an offence
  • Always use headlights when driving at night
  • Do not overtake, especially on bridges or in high-speed lanes

Road Safety Rules for Pedestrians

road safety rules
  • Always walk on the footpath, they are meant for you. In the absence of a footpath, walk on the right side margin of the road so that you can see the traffic coming in the opposite direction. Please note that this is for traffic which flows on the left side of the Road. For Right side traffic, should walk on the left side margin of the road.
  • Cross roads where there have been pedestrian crossings. These are painted at great cost for your convenience. Do not jaywalk.
  • Where there are no pedestrian crossings, follow the six-step crossing code whenever you have to cross the road:
      1. THINK – What is a safe place to cross? Points where can I see all the traffic properly? Make sure while crossing that you are not hidden behind a parked car.
      2. STOP – At the edge of the road where you have decided to cross.
      3. LOOK and LISTEN – Look both ways, many times, to see if there is any incoming traffic.
      4. WAIT – For all the traffic to pass, and for the road to be clear
      5. CROSS – Walk straight across the road.
      6. KEEP LOOKING and LISTENING – Keep looking in all directions i.e. left and right continuously as you cross the road until you get to the other side.

Please follow the above guidelines for Road Safety Rules to keep yourself and your family safe and protected.

Stay Safe and Healthy!

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