Journeying through Badgoi Pass: Gateway to Pristine Valleys

Nestled within the scenic expanse of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, lies an enigmatic passage revered for its natural splendor—the renowned Badgoi Pass. This mountainous trail, alternately known as Badawi, serves as a vital connection between the Upper Dir District and the captivating realms of Utror and Kalam.

Elevation and Significance:

Standing proudly at a staggering elevation of 3,523 meters above sea level, Badgoi Pass isn’t just a mere trail; it stands as a lofty gateway to an array of breathtaking landscapes and cultural encounters. Symbolizing the convergence of two distinct valleys—the serene Kumrat Valley and the spellbinding Kalam Valley—this pass holds immense significance in the region’s connectivity and heritage.

Seasonal Challenges:

However, accessing this revered pass is not without its challenges. Nature’s seasonal cycle envelops Badgoi Pass in snow, rendering it impassable from November until the onset of June. The wintry embrace of snow blankets the passage, standing as a testament to nature’s awe-inspiring power.

Commencing the Journey:

The journey through Badgoi Pass begins at Kalam Main Bazar, where shared taxis await eager travelers, ready to embark on the adventure to Utrar. From Utrar, the path continues via rugged jeeps destined for Thall. The camaraderie of shared jeeps echoes the spirit of unity, departing only when filled to capacity or offering a quicker journey at a slightly higher fare for the more impatient voyagers.

The Adventurous Trek:

Traversing the route from Utrar to Thall via Badgoi Pass, a four-hour endeavor, demands courage and a taste for adventure. The journey is an exhilarating rollercoaster, navigating a rough and bumpy terrain that offers panoramic vistas and an intimate connection with nature’s untouched beauty.

The Essence of the Experience:

As the jeeps conquer the rugged path, travelers are treated to a spectacle—rolling hills, snow-laden peaks, and the symphony of nature’s harmonies accompanying every bump and twist.


Badgoi Pass isn’t just a route; it’s an expedition—an odyssey that transcends conventional travel. It unveils the heart of the mountains, where adventure thrives amidst nature’s reign. Every bump and turn through this pass is a testament to the raw magnificence of the untamed wilderness, leaving indelible imprints on the souls of those who dare to traverse its hallowed grounds.

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