ushu forest and glacier in pakistan

All You Need to Know before Visiting Ushu Forest and Glacier in Pakistan KP Province

The Ushu Forest and Glacier in Pakistan is an area of the Ushu (Usho) Valley in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Ushu Valley represents some of the most picturesque parts of the Swat Valley.

It is located approximately 8 kilometers (5.0 mi) from Kalam and 123 km (76 mi) from Saidu Sharif.

Located at an altitude of 2,300 meters (7,546 ft), Ushu is accessible only by jeep as the road leading to it is unpaved and ends at Kalam.

Ushu Forest is famous for its spectacular clouds and rainy weather. The Mahodand Lake tourist attraction is located just 27 kilometers (17 mi) away from it. In winter, there is the famous Ushu Glacier blocks the only road that leads to Mahodand Lake, and the trail is only open in summer when the snow on the glacier melts and the authorities wash away any snow left on the road.

Kalam to Ushu Valley Distance

It is located 8 km from Kalam Valley Swat and 123 km from Mingora situated at an altitude of 2,300 feet. You can drive approximately 113 km to Ushu at Mingora in just 6 hours 21 minutes. Ushu is accessible via an unmetalled road from Kalam only by jeeps. 

In Kalam, Ushu is 13 miles away. This represents approximately one hour or more of driving. You can reach Ushu by the same route that leads to Matiltan. Between Kalam and Ushu, the hike takes about five hours, which is quite challenging, and only experienced hikers can handle this trail. 

If you’re not into trekking, you don’t have to worry about missing out on this area as you can simply drive around and enjoy the picturesque suburbs of Kalam on the way. 

Ushu Forest and Glacier in Pakistan

In the northern part of Kalam, there is a vast 6 km wide area where the Ushu and Utror rivers, originating from the northeast and west respectively, converge. This picturesque confluence is situated at an elevation of 3,200 meters above sea level, approximately 10 km from Kalam.

The residents of the region are primarily Muslims, and they speak languages including Kashmiri, Pashto, Persian, and Punjabi. Some mountains in the area are renowned for tourism. Due to the extremely cold winter weather, people often stay indoors during the winter months and migrate south to return to their homes in the spring. Up to this point, tourism has been the primary source of income in Ushu.

Things to do in Ushu Forest, Kalam

Tourists are drawn to this valley for its stunning vistas and opportunities for activities like fishing, hiking, and trekking. The crystal-clear lakes fed by Mahodand Lake, the lush Ushu forest, and the cascading Kalam waterfalls all contribute to the serene beauty of this region, making it a perfect destination for a romantic honeymoon.

Main Attractions in Ushu Valley, Swat Pakistan

During the winter season, the Ushu Glacier effectively obstructs the entire road leading to Mahodand Lake. This road is accessible only during the summer months when the glacial snow has melted, and the authorities have cleared any remaining snow from the route. The forested surroundings provide a natural barrier and are teeming with deodar trees, making them an excellent area for exploration. The primary road that traverses this forest connects to a handful of towns situated along the Kalam River.

The Ushu Forest extends over a distance of approximately two kilometers and stands as the largest deodar forest in Pakistan. These forests are meticulously maintained and offer an impressive camping site where visitors can spend the night. This forest serves as the initial point for tourists arriving in Kalam, serving as a gateway to the captivating destinations in the Kalam region.

The intertwining trees and shrubs, casting their dark shadows while swaying in the gentle breeze, contribute to the enchanting ambiance of this picturesque forest, making it a renowned attraction for tourists.

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