Bularung Sar: A Majestic Gem in the Karakoram

Bularung Sar, a magnificent mountain soaring to a height of 7,134 meters (according to some sources 7,110 meters), stands proudly in the Karakoram mountain range, nestled between the picturesque Shimshal Valley of Hunza and Nagar Valley in Gilgit-Baltistan, northern Pakistan.

A Striking Location in the Hispar Muztagh

Bularung Sar finds its place in the Hispar Muztagh mountain range, nestled between the western Trivor and the eastern Distaghil Sar. The mountain is embraced by the Momhil Glacier on its northern flank and the Kunyang Glacier on its southern slope, adding to its allure with glistening ice and awe-inspiring views.

A Swiss Triumph: First Ascent

The tale of Bularung Sar’s first ascent is one of adventure and perseverance. In July 1990, a Swiss expedition etched their names in history by successfully scaling the mountain’s challenging south ridge. The brave members of the expedition included Alain Vaucher, Heinz Hügli, Lothar Matter, Carole Milz, Thierry Bionda, Christian Meillard, Gérard Vouga, Vincent von Kaenel, Jean-Jacques Sauvain, and Jacques Aymon. Their feat marked a significant achievement in mountaineering, conquering the uncharted heights of Bularung Sar.

The Enchanting Southern Face: A Unique Ascent

The ascent to Bularung Sar was accomplished from the southern face, with the west side of the Kunyang Glacier serving as the starting point for the successful expedition. To this day, only this route has witnessed an ascent of the majestic mountain. The rugged beauty of the southern face and the pristine landscapes of the Kunyang Glacier add to the allure of this unique and rarely climbed peak.

Preserving the Pristine Beauty

Bularung Sar’s remote location and limited ascents emphasize the importance of preserving its pristine beauty and delicate ecosystem. As mountaineers and adventurers venture to its heights, it is crucial to uphold responsible and sustainable tourism practices. Protecting the natural treasures of the Karakoram range ensures that future generations can also witness the majestic splendor of Bularung Sar.

Bularung Sar, with its breathtaking heights and uncharted southern face, stands as a testament to human courage and the awe-inspiring grandeur of nature. Surrounded by the captivating landscapes of the Hispar Muztagh, this majestic gem beckons adventurers to embrace the spirit of exploration. As we celebrate the achievements of the Swiss expedition that conquered its summit, let us also vow to protect and preserve the natural wonders of Bularung Sar, so that its beauty may continue to inspire and captivate for generations to come.

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