ganga choti trek in Bagh Kashmir Pakistan

Lush Green Peak at 3,675 meters – Ganga Choti Trek in Bagh Kashmir Pakistan

Ganga Choti Trek in Bagh Kashmir Pakistan is a hill near the Union Council Birpani village Bani Minhasan in central Chikar, a historic city in ancient times especially the kingdom of Dogra and Budshah and one of the most beautiful Bagh region of Kashmir Pakistan. Most of it is in Bagh district and partly in Chikar district.


Location of Ganga Choti Trek in Bagh Kashmir Pakistan

ganga choti trek in Bagh Kashmir Pakistan

Ganga Choti Location

Ganga Choti Trek in Bagh Kashmir Pakistan is located on the Pir Panjal Range, at an altitude of 3,675 meters (12,057 ft). Ganga Choti can be reached from two directions, one from Chikar and the other from Bagh Sudan Gali Road. Sudan gali is a small town with a few shops and hotels under Ganga Choti. Travelers can stay in Sudan gali due to the availability of food and accommodation facilities in Sudan Gali bazar.

Everyone know that azad kashmir, also known as “heaven on the hearth. explores kashmir valleys and marvels at its natural beauty. Ganga Peak, better known as Ganga Choti among the locals is found in the Bagh district of Azad Kashmir. It can also be seen in the city of bagh.

Ganga Choti Height

The peak has a height of 3045 meters. The trek to Gangaoti starts from the town of Sudhan Gali located at an altitude of 2200 meters from the sea. The journey will take about four hours to reach the top. as you embark on your trek or hiking, the cold snatches you up and embraces you. fresh air to make you feel relaxed and happy.

From the top you have a beautiful view of the city of Bagh. Cricket is the most popular game in Pakistan and is played almost everywhere, from the top of the Gangaoti, you will see the locals made by the locals playing cricket. There is solid green grass everywhere but in the middle of it the cricket field is being repaired.

Thanks to its lush vegetation, the area has once again become a fertile field. You see the different animals that move here and there that feed. sheep, mules and horses are common animals found there.

The place where the mountains begin to be called “sudhan gali” is a small town. there are very few good hotels to stay in. one is under the azad kashmir tourism department and the other is under PWD so you have to book your room well ahead of time, especially when viewing is very difficult to get there. camping can also be done somewhere in this area because this place is completely green and beautiful.

Ganga Choti Trek in Bagh Kashmir Pakistan that is a great place to visit. From Islamabad to Sudhan Gali the road is clear. Rest houses are available in sudhan gali like benazir palace etc. Road conditions from Sudhan Gali to the base came in handy for cars but remember it is steep. A two – three-hour walk is required to get to the top from the camp. The top is 3,000m high. The best thing about the gang is that throughout the hiking you can see and enjoy the perfect natural beauty and once you are on the top the scene is amazing. Gangaoti is much better than miranjani.

Ganga Chotti is a place of sightseeing, full of natural beauty, a gift from God to Pakistan and an earthly paradise. I recommend everyone to visit this place at least once otherwise you will miss the beautiful view. The government should pay attention to and build tourist attractions and a wide road. 

The Top of Ganga Choti is the highest point of the Bagh District and offers a spectacular view of the valley. Access roads have recently been built. You can stay overnight in Sudhan Gali or return to Bagh. Climbing to the top is also not too difficult for a healthy person.

How do you get to Ganga Choti?

Ganga Choti Trek in Bagh Kashmir Pakistan is a mountain in Sudhan Gali located 174 km from Islamabad and 23 km from Bagh City.

From Zero Point Islamabad, head south on the Islamabad Expressway and turn left from Khana Pul towards Lehtrar. Drive through the cities of Lehtrar, Kotli Sattiyan and enter the city of Bagh.

From Bagh turn towards Sudhan Gali and up the mountain. Near the top of the hill is a hotel called Benazir Palace. Back in 2016, you had to park your car here and move on in a jeep. But now, a paved road may be built to the point where you can take your own car.

Walk to Ganga Choti Trek in Bagh Kashmir Pakistan

At the end of the road, you will get out of your car on a flat surface ahead of Ganga Choti hill. From here, the top of the hill can be reached by walking for 45 minutes on a hill with green grass. Start by crossing the ground and then move to the right. From there start climbing the mountain. Reaching the top is straight, just stay on top and keep going up and you will eventually reach the top.

On top of the hill you will be immersed in the clouds. Occasionally the clouds will clear and you will be able to view the spectacular views of the green valleys of Kashmiri below. These ideas make Ganga Choti a wonderful place to visit at least once.

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