ratti gali Lake Kashmir

Wonderful Alpine Glacial Ratti Gali Lake Kashmir in Neelum Valley Pakistan

Ratti Gali Lake Kashmir is an alpine glacial lake which is located in Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. The lake is located at an altitude of 3,683 meters (12,083 ft). The lake is fed by the surrounding glacier waters of the mountains.

Ratti Gali Lake Kashmir is among many heavenly places in Azad Kashmir. It’s one of the highest lakes in the world by altitude. If you’re a nature lover, you should never miss visiting it, especially upon your trip to Azad Kashmir.

Where is Ratti Gali Lake Kashmir Located?

This lake is a wonderfully beautiful and famous freezing lake located in the Neelum Valley of Azad Kashmir. The elevation of the lake or Ratti Gali Lake Height is 12,130 feet (3,697 meters) above sea level. The water source of the lake is the streams that are flowing from the neighboring glaciers.

Melting of snow from the nearby mountains peaks. The lake is approachable through a bank and unpaved jeep track from Dowarian. Dowarian to Ratti Gali Lake distance is solely a 19-kilometer (12 miles) long track. later there is a hiking trek full of stunning and thrilling spectacle.

Ratti Gali Lake Elevation

Located at a jaw-dropping elevation of 12,130 feet (3,700 meters) above sea level, Ratti Gali Lake Kashmir is one of the many beautiful glacial lakes in Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir. The water mass of the lake has formed due to the glacier activities taking place in the surrounding mountains.

The peaceful, crystal-clear waters of this lake are surrounded by the wilderness of probably one of the most attractive mountainous regions in the world. Complementing the spellbinding beauty of this lake, locals popularly call it the “Jewel of Neelum Valley”.

A Jeep trek begins from Dowarian, which is the next stop from Keran. Dowarian drove for almost an hour to reach this incredible place, and that scenery was breathtaking because as one travels, the mountains grow more spectacular. The Keran to Ratti Gali Lake distance is about 45km.

Once you arrive at Dowarian, you can book a jeep to drive to the base camp of Ratti Galli Lake. Hiking or Trekking the 6-7 hours to the base camp is also possible, but we took jeeps instead. Thus, riding a jeep is bumpy, jumpy, and ultra-shaky, but it is a scenic, thrilling ride.

Naran to Ratti Gali Lake distance is about 200 km through Muzaffarabad Garhi Habibullah Road.

If nature allowed, the ride could have caused multiple internal organs to be divided as the shock of the bumps would have shaken your internal and external organs. In addition to the beautiful green surroundings of the ride, you will find a noisy and very fast-flowing River Neelum that, at one point, turns into the liquid Milky Way.

How do I get to Ratti Gali Lake Kashmir?

Ratti Gali Lake is found in one of the remotest regions in Pakistan. Muzaffarabad, which is the administrative capital of Azad Kashmir and the closest major city to the lake, is also at a distance of 75 kilometers. It’s a place that adventure-seekers would love visiting as reaching Ratti Gali Lake involves a lot of traveling and trekking. It may be roughly around a 4-to 6-hour long journey, depending on the flow of the traffic and weather conditions.

Traveling by road, you’ll first reach Dowarian, a small village in Azad Kashmir. From there, you may have to hop on to a 4X4 vehicle (probably a Jeep) to get to Ratti Gali Lake Kashmir as it’s a bumpy and rocky path. After taking a jeep ride for almost a couple of hours, you’ll reach the base camp area of Ratti Gali Lake. From there, you’ll have to trek for almost 2 more hours to reach your destination. Along with trekking, horseback riding may also be available for tourists.

Accommodations near RATTI GALI LAKE Kashmir

Since the entire region of Azad Kashmir is brimming with tourist activities, you’ll find plenty of suitable places to stay near Ratti Gali Lake. Some popular hotels and results on Neelum Valley Road at the closest point to the lake include Sharda Resort, Wadi Resort, Neelum Star River Guest House, State Continental Sharda, and Park River House Sharda among many others. Most of these establishments are located along the Neelum River, the breathtaking views of which further add to the excitement of your journey.

You will reach the Ratti Gali Lake Kashmir base camp after passing through small glaciers and numerous waterfalls. The scenery is breathtaking, surrounded by green. The mountain range has a lush green plateau filled with its low-height waterfall and stream. Despite many tourists, the base camp was somehow still and silent, and it absorbed you with its beauty like it had been waiting for you to come to admire it.

Ratti Gali Lake Kashmir Base Camp

It is 2 hours long and easy to reach Ratti Galli Lake, called the ‘Neelum Valley’ by local people. You can take a short break there for about an hour before continuing to exit. Although the journey is limited in some places, it is generally straightforward unless, like us, you choose the wrong ride, which is often used by horses for you to see and associate with.

A small lake was visible on the left, almost during the journey. Beautiful green water flows from Lake Ratti Gali, which forms the lake. This Lake was the last episode of the trip for us after the ‘Little Lake.’ Although this part is tedious, keeping your spirit in control and moving slowly and steadily will help you to climb the lake faster.

Being an icy lake, the climate is generally cold throughout the year. Therefore, it is best to pack warm clothing for your trip. Make sure you eat solid foods and eat dried fruit. Such eating habits will keep you warm and have the energy you need for your journey.

Why is Ratti Gali Lake Kashmir Called Ratti Gali?

Ratti Gali Lake Kashmir in Neelum Valley gained a reputation for the decline of purple flowers that could spread over the mountain wraps. The bright red flowers captivate the viewer with their perfection, especially in the calm perspective of the sparkling ground under the night sun. 

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