hanna lake & waterfall in urak valley quetta

Adorable Hanna Lake & Waterfall in Urak Valley Quetta1 Balochistan Pakistan

Hanna Lake & Waterfall in Urak Valley Quetta Balochistan is one of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan. There is also a small waterfall surrounded by mountains.

Hanna Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys near Quetta City Balochistan, Pakistan. Hanna Valley has cool and pleasant weather throughout the year. Hanna Lake & Waterfall in Urak Valley

Urak Valley Balochistan Location

The Urak Valley is a valley surrounded by mountains in the Quetta District of Balochistan Province in western Pakistan. The Urak Valley is located near Lake Hana and 28 kilometers (17 mi) from the city of Quetta. A small waterfall at its end marks the entrance to the adjacent Wali Tangi Dam.

Urak Valley Population

The Urak Valley has a population of 10,000 and almost all the Kakar are a sub-tribe of Pashtuns. Pashtuns are one of the largest tribes in Pakistan. Agriculture in the valley includes the cultivation of good quality apple trees and several other fruits. Hanna Lake & Waterfall in Urak Valley

Hanna Lake & Waterfall in Urak Valley Location

Hanna Valley is located in Districtt Quetta, which is the capital of Balochistan province. The distance from Quetta city is just 14 km ie 20 to 25 minutes drive to the valley. Hanna Valley was blessed by God with many kinds of fruits, eg apples, grapes. Pomegranate etc. 

You will find lots of waterfalls and springs falling from the mountain tops that show the beauty of nature. These scenes of nature really attract people to think about the Creator of this world. The people of Hanna Valley are peaceful, hospitable, brave and hardworking.  Hanna Lake & Waterfall in Urak Valley

People in Hanna Valley speak Pashto and all people living in Hanna Valley belong to the Kakar tribe. In the valley is the beautiful Hanna Lake. Thousands of tourists visit this lake and valley every year. Hanna Lake & Waterfall in Urak Valley

Hanna Lake Location

Hanna Lake is a lake near the city of Quetta in Pakistan and is one of the main attractions in the city and the reservoir was built by the British Empire.

Hanna Lake History

In 1894, a small action dam, Surrpull (Red Bridge), was built on the Urak main road to divert water to Lake Hanna from the Zarghoon Mountains, streams, snowmelt and rain through the main channel. 

Today, this canal needs repairs and wastes water, and recently the water level is deadly low, down to three feet, and thousands of fish are at risk. There is also a water canal which was built at the same time by the British to convert the snow and rain water near the spin kaarez coming from the Murdar mountain into a spillway to fill the water in this lake. Hanna Lake & Waterfall in Urak Valley

This canal was destroyed by severe floods in 1976 and still has not been built and all the snow and rain water is wasted until now and as a result Hanna Lake was completely dried between 1999 and January 2005. 

If the Hanna Lake Development Authority (HLDA) administrators from Hanna Lake has taken no action to bring water over the surge, the lake will soon be dry again. The lake is located a short distance from where the Urak valley begins and 14 km from Quetta. Hanna Lake & Waterfall in Urak Valley

The beautiful Hanna Lake was built during the time of the British Empire in 1894. The goldfish in the lake swim to the edge of the lake. There is a lakeside restaurant with picnic tables shaded by pine trees. 

At one end, an irrigation dam rises from the depths like a battlemented fortress, and to the east is the renowned Hayat Durrani Water Sports Academy (HDWSA), the only training center for rowing, canoeing, kayaking and sailing in Balochistan province. Hanna Lake & Waterfall in Urak Valley

Kayaking in front of the historic Hanna Lake Bridge Wall built by Great Britain in 1894.

Lake Hanna is very attractive to hikers and is crowded with hikers and campers during the holidays. You can rent a boat and paddle on the lake and go around the island in the middle.

HLDA/HDWSA and Merck planted various trees for beautification and environmental protection in the Hanna Lake Mountains.

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