Spin Karez: A Hidden Gem of Quetta’s Landscape

In the heart of Quetta, Pakistan, where nature’s beauty reveals itself in many forms, lies a hidden gem known as Spin Karez. Located just a short distance from Hanna Valley and set amidst the captivating Coal Deposits, this small but enchanting lake is not your typical water body. Spin Karez is, in fact, a testament to the ingenuity of the local irrigation system and a remarkable natural reservoir.

The Essence of Spin Karez

At its core, Spin Karez is not your conventional lake. Instead, it represents the local “Karez” system for water supply and storage. This system ingeniously collects water from the surrounding mountains, channeling it into a reservoir, which has come to be known as Spin Karez.

The mountains that embrace this reservoir lend it an exquisite backdrop and a serene ambiance, making it a picturesque destination. Spin Karez has an aura of serenity that invites visitors to experience a different facet of Quetta’s natural beauty.

Location and Access

To reach Spin Karez, one can take the straight road leading away from Hanna Valley, bypassing the path to the coal deposits. This journey will lead you directly to Spin Karez, passing through the coal deposits along the way. Spin Karez is not restricted by visiting hours; it remains accessible to explorers at all times, allowing for a peaceful retreat into its natural wonders.

A Closer Look

“Karez” is a local irrigation system, vital for sourcing and storing water. In Pashto, “Spin” translates to “white,” an apt descriptor for this extraordinary site. The real Karez system is concealed within the vicinity, and the small lake we now call Spin Karez is the main attraction.

One of Spin Karez’s highlights is the breathtaking reflection of the surrounding mountains in the clear waters of the lake. The juxtaposition of these natural elements forms a captivating view that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Spin Karez also offers plenty of open land around the lake, making it an ideal spot for camping. Imagine setting up camp amid the tranquility of this natural oasis, where the stars above and the calm waters below create a perfect backdrop for a night under the open sky.

Accessibility and Beyond

While the main entrance to Spin Karez requires special permission as it leads through an Army area, there’s another passage available through the main road just a few seconds away from the main entrance. This alternative route is not only free but also open throughout the day, welcoming visitors to explore this hidden treasure.

Spin Karez is a must-visit destination for those exploring Quetta. Situated merely 20-30 minutes from the city center, it’s a chance to witness a unique facet of the region’s natural beauty and to immerse oneself in the tranquility and charm of Spin Karez, a remarkable reservoir in the heart of the mountains.

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