Kamal Ban National Park

Kamal Ban National Park: Preserving Biodiversity in Mansehra District

Kamal Ban National Park is a newly established protected area located in the district of Mansehra in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Covering an area of 5455.82 acres, the park consists of reserve forest of the Kaghan Forest Division. 

The park was declared as a national park by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Forestry, Environment and Wildlife Department in January 2022 with the aim of protecting the area’s biodiversity and natural resources.

Elevation of Kamal Ban National Forest

Elevation of Kamal Ban National forest is 6,500 feet. 

Kamal Ban National Park History

Kamal Ban National ParkKamal Ban National Park is a century-old historical forest, harboring some of the oldest deodar trees in the country. A rest area, crafted as part of the Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) project, invites visitors to immerse in its tranquil embrace.

An information center is also established in the Park, which is also one of the SFM initiative, offers insights into the forest’s heritage. As a testament to time’s passage, this park embodies the harmonious coexistence of nature and careful human stewardship.

Kamal Ban National Park Habitants

The Kamal Ban National Park is known for its rich biodiversity and serves as a habitat for various flora and fauna species. The park is home to many threatened and endangered species, including the snow leopard, Himalayan musk deer, and Western tragopan. The park’s unique ecosystem is also characterized by various streams and rivers, which contribute to the area’s overall beauty and environmental significance.

Kamal Ban National ParkThe declaration of Kamal Ban National Park is a significant milestone in the conservation efforts of the region’s natural resources. The national park status offers stronger legal protection to the area’s biodiversity, allowing for greater control over activities that may harm or disrupt the ecosystem. The designation of the park is expected to attract more visitors, generating opportunities for eco-tourism in the region and promoting awareness about the importance of environmental conservation.

While the establishment of Kamal Ban National Park is a positive step towards preserving the region’s natural resources, more efforts are needed to ensure the sustainability of the park’s ecosystem. The government and local communities must work together to develop and implement sustainable management practices that balance the needs of conservation, economic development, and community livelihoods.

Kamal Ban National ParkIn conclusion, Kamal Ban National Park is a valuable addition to the protected areas of Pakistan, providing crucial habitat for endangered species and serving as an important environmental asset for the region. The national park designation is an important recognition of the park’s value and underscores the need for continued efforts to conserve and protect the biodiversity and natural resources of the area.

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