kundal shahi waterfall

Exploring Kundal Shahi Waterfall: Journey to Serenity

Getting to Kundal Shahi waterfall can be an adventure in itself. Visitors must trek through dense forests and cross rocky terrain to reach the waterfall. The trek is about 45 minutes long and requires a moderate level of fitness, but the stunning views and refreshing air make it well worth the effort.

Location of Kundal Shai Waterfall

Kundal Shahi waterfall is a hidden gem located in the Neelum Valley of Kashmir, Pakistan. This breathtaking waterfall is one of the most stunning natural attractions in the region, surrounded by lush greenery and the majestic Himalayan mountains.

Kundal Shahi is a village and tourist resort in the Neelam Valley of North Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It has a scattered residential area located on both sides of the Jagran Nallah River, at its confluence with the Neelam River. It is a few minutes’ walk from the Neelam Valley Highway, about 74 kilometers (46 mi) by road from Muzaffarabad and a few kilometers from the Line of Control between India and Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

kundal shahi waterfall

Upon arrival, visitors are greeted with the sight of a magnificent waterfall cascading down from a height of approximately 300 feet. The water flows into a clear pool, creating a serene atmosphere that is perfect for a relaxing swim or picnic. The area around the waterfall is relatively unexplored, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in nature and escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

The waterfall is named after a nearby village called Kundal Shahi. The village is known for its traditional Kashmiri architecture and friendly locals who are always willing to offer a helping hand to visitors. Many tourists choose to stay in the village and explore the surrounding area, including the nearby Sharda Valley and Kel.

Kundal Shahi waterfall is not only a scenic spot, but it also has cultural and historical significance. The waterfall is located near the ancient Silk Road, which was a major trading route that connected Asia and Europe. The Silk Road played a significant role in the development of Kashmir‘s economy, and the area around Kundal Shahi waterfall is home to several historical sites related to this period.

How to Reach Kundal Shahi Watefal

It is the entrance to Jagran. Here the Jagran Nullah merges into the Neelum River. It is located at a distance of 74 kilometers from Muzaffarabad and about 5 kilometers from Authmuqam. In Authmuqam and Kundal Shahi, almost all basic necessities are available in the local market.

kundal shahi waterfall

When you reach Kundal, while traveling to Kuton Valley (Jágran Resort), you will be greeted by a massive and beautiful waterfall with its noise and colorful water, named Kundal Shahi Waterfall. Its immense beauty will make you stop here and admire the natural scenery.

The distance between Rawalpindi and Kundal Shahi Azad Kashmir via Muzaffarabad is 235 km by road.

Around 3 hours required to reach Kundal Shahi from Muzaffarabad.

kundal shahi waterfall

In conclusion, Kundal Shahi waterfall is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Kashmir, Pakistan. Its breathtaking natural beauty, cultural significance, and friendly locals make it an unforgettable experience. Whether you are looking for an adventure-filled trek or a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, Kundal Shahi waterfall has something for everyone.

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