Manthoka Waterfall Skardu

Spectacular Manthoka Waterfall Skardu

Manthoka Waterfall Skardu is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Kharmang Baltistan region. This Waterfall is perhaps the most visited waterfall in Gilgit Baltistan. Manthoka Waterfall is located 40 kilometers from the town of Skardu.

Manthoka Waterfall Location

Manthoka Waterfall Skardu is a waterfall located in the Kharmang Valley, Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan’s northernmost region. The Manthoka waterfall is about 180 feet [180 m] high and is located about 40 miles from the town of Skardu.

Manthoka Waterfall Skardu Landscape

Manthoka Waterfall in Skardu is an unmistakable natural wonder, characterized by its vibrant green pastures, meandering streams, the rugged Karakoram mountain peaks that serve as a timeless backdrop, traditional restaurants, and a whole lot more. The most notable highlight, apart from the captivating waterfall, is a well-managed trout fish farm where visitors can observe the thriving trout population. If you’re contemplating a visit to a picturesque waterfall, dive into more details about this mesmerizing destination.

Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan boasts five major valleys, with Kharmang Valley being one of them. This is where the mighty Indus River enters Pakistan. Manthoka Waterfall stands as one of the prominent tourist attractions within the Kharmang Valley.

The waterfall features a cascading stream of water that gracefully descends onto rugged rocks without forming any visible pools at its base. The water droplets disperse in a mesmerizing display upon striking the solid rocks, adding to the enchantment and mystique of the scene. The Khamosh waterfall is embraced by the formidable embrace of the Rocky Mountains, enhancing its natural allure.

Attractions at the Manthoka Waterfalls

  • Viewing the Manthoka Falls is amazing; water spills on the rocks
  • Manthoka Waterfall Birdseye Vision
  • Very high jump water collapses at high altitudes
  • This waterfall is natural and beautiful
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