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Nature’s Splendor: Exploring the Noori Waterfall

Noori Falls is a Waterfall in Tial village in the Haripur district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan. Noori waterfall is about 10 feet high. The waterfall is located in an open bay on the side of a hill. 

Noori waterfall is small in height and has a bright blue stream of water. The bay is filled with waist-deep water with a sandy bottom that is deeper at the edges. The fall gained popularity after a YouTube video went viral in the summer of 2020. The fall claimed the life of an 18-year-old boy when he dove into the waterfall and got stuck under the deeper part of the fall.

Locals have also set up a parking lot for tourists to encourage business. Life jackets can be rented on-site from the locals. The waterfall is located a 15-minute walk from the parking lot. There is only a one-way road through the village, which can cause problems if traffic flows in both directions.

noori waterfall

Noori Falls is a small section of the majestic Haro River that flows through the Abbottabad Valley and is home to the Khanpur Dam. The river has a total of six falls, each of which is deeper and more difficult to wade through as the river goes upstream.

This place is unexpectedly peaceful and picturesque, yet disturbed by human activity.

Reach Noori Waterfall Haripur from Islamabad

The journey to Noori waterfall from Islamabad is about 3 hours long from Islamabad, drive to Pir Sohawa, Monal, and then over the hills to Haripur. The road is surrounded by dense trees, local birds, and the sound of water flowing from nearby streams.

noori waterfall

Noori Waterfall Location

Noori Waterfall is located about 85 kilometers (53 mi) from the city of Islamabad.

You reach the picturesque village of Jabri with a road leading to the main bazaar.

From Jabri, it turns sharply left into the Haro River valley via a dirt road. Although this road also leads to Khanpur dam, after about 45 minutes drive, take a turn towards Peena village (there are signs to help visitors find their way). At the end of the road, there is a school and a parking lot, from where the trekking starts.

noori waterfall

It takes another 20 minutes on a rough footpath through another valley covered with trees and bushes of various shades of green. At the end of this trail is a roofless cove that looks like it belongs in another time and world. Amazingly beautiful walls of rocks and boulders have tall and vibrant trees growing on each side. The floor is soft, slippery sand that contrasts with the cool blue water.

Height and Depth of Noori Waterfall

noori waterfall

The waterfall itself is about ten feet high and is deeper on the sides where the pool meets the creek. The pool is fed by the peak of Koh Siri Bang, the third highest in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Life jackets are readily available at the beginning of the bay and cost about Rs 100 to hire. Unfortunately, however, many young men venture to swim in the pool and one hopes that in the future this area will be more open and fun for anyone who wants to visit. It is a sight not worth missing that it is too close to Islamabad.

Locals aren’t entirely sure why it’s called “Noori de thaan” (Noori’s Pond), and oral histories tell different stories. While some believe the waterfall is named after a now-extinct tribe called Noori, others believe it is named after Noor Bibi, a village elder who drowned in the pool more than a century ago. The people of Jabri also believe that the milky appearance of the water at night led the elders to call it ‘Noori Abshaar’ or ‘Waterfall of Light’.

Waterfalls near Noori Waterfall

There are also other waterfalls in the area like Sangam waterfall. Sangam Falls is 30 minutes upstream from Noori on the Haro River.

noori waterfall

Tourist Attractions at Noori Waterfall

Sangam Waterfall

If you are visiting Noori Waterfall, then you should not miss Sangam Waterfall which is known to very few and is located near Noori Waterfall.

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