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Pir Chinasi Muzaffarabad: A Paradise in the Heart of Kashmir

Pir Chinasi Muzaffarabad Location

Pir Chinasi is a sanctuary and tourist attraction located about 30 kilometers (19 mi) east of Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan

Height of Pir Chinasi Muzaffarbad

Pir Chinasi Muzaffarabad is located at the top of the hills at an altitude of 2,900 meters (9,500 ft). The mountain peak has gained immense popularity with its Ziyarat of the famous saint, Sayed Hussain Shah Bukhari.

The area is also visited by tourists, to see Muzaffarabad and the rural areas surrounding the hidden town. The area is also famous for paragliding and snow cross jeep rally.

Pir Chinasi Muzaffarabad is located 30 kilometers from Kashmir‘s capital, Muzaffarabad. Let’s explore how you can access it, navigate it, and the treasures you can collect.

Pir Chinasi Muzaffarabad sits at an altitude of 9,500 ft above sea level. What is most impressive about this mountain is its paved road that makes it easy to reach the summit. You can easily move your car if you have a powerful engine. However, if you take the amazing work of hiking, you will be able to experience the beauty of nature and amazing sights.

Remember that when you start a journey, you are actually going around a mountain. In some cases, it requires strong direct movement while noting the edges.

Road to Pir Chinasi form Muzaffarabad

The road to the summit, also known as Pir Chanasi, is paved. The road is called Pir Chinasi road. This road is usually open all year, but can be closed whenever the access road is blocked by snow. It is a twisting collection of hairpins (more than 30 tan) with very high sections. 

Named after the famous Saint Shah Hussain Bukhari. At times, the road is extremely narrow, with enough space for just one car.

As the road curves and turns at the edges, the nooks and corners produce lush green vegetation that seems almost pure. At each angle, you get a different view of the Muzaffarabad district; its people, and the lives they live. Pearl Continental Muzaffarabad, which sits on top of the entire remote village, is also clearly visible from the highlands of the valley.

In some places, the mountain is very wide. This means a lush green and natural picnic area. Here you can sleep for a while to get some rest. Dense pine trees are a natural barrier to pollution of all kinds. As the temperature rises, the temperature drops and the air becomes thicker and clearer. 

High altitude presents many opportunities to appreciate the environment and the clean environment it creates.

During the colder months, from October to March, the top of the mountain and the trail are covered with thick snow. If you plan to travel during these months, it is best to wear thick snow boots, and warm clothing, and walk slowly as the snow makes the road slippery.

Pir Chinasi Trail

As you climb to the top, you will see that there is only one point of the main line going to the Neelum Valley. The peak is also covered with thick snow most of the year but due to the well-paved road, there is no shortage of tourists. 

The mountain peak has a small canteen and, where you can find one of the most delicious pakoras (tempuras), with a spicy sauce, which when combined with a cup of tea serves as the best food ingredient one can ask for. Some drinks can also be easily purchased here.

Shrine of Syed Ghulam Hussain Shah Bukhari at Pir Chinasi

Of great interest to many visitors, is the sanctuary of Sayed Hussain Shah Bukhari. People come here to pray for the fulfillment of their desires and prayers, and for them, this journey is part of the Ziyarat which they must endure in order for their prayers to be answered by the saint lying here. The locals also cook niyaz, a religious meal, daily, and serve it to travelers.

This is a sacred practice for many local people, as well as for visitors. Some consider it to be the main reason for the regular visits of locals and tourists.

The sanctuary also marks the end of a tour for those looking for camping sites. It is worth mentioning here that Pir Chinasi is one of the best camping sites in Pakistan. While the camping season starts in May and ends in October, the best time to visit is between June and September.

But, there is more. This area has been established as the best tourist destination in Pakistan.

Games and tourist attractions at Pir Chinasi Muzaffarabad

Pir Chinasi Muzaffarabad has two types of games, specially designed for hot summer and winter. During the hot summer months, you can enjoy paragliding from the top of the mountain, all the way down the hill. Tourist companies have begun planning a special trip to Pir Chinasi with paragliding, organized and developed by AJ & K’s Department of Tourism and Archeology.

The paragliding parameter trail is designed in such a way that like walking, you go around a mountain as you go down. This experience of flying over the valley is what Pir Chinasi is famous for; as it allows the paraglider to feel calm, they fly above the pine trees and measure the strength of the mountain itself. To attract more tourists, especially those looking for fun, the AJ & K Department of Tourism and Archeology also launched a jeep conference.

In both games, Pir Chinasi is the start. If you are planning your next trip to Muzaffarabad, you should choose a time when you can enjoy paragliding and snow jeep racing. If you are planning to leave Islamabad, use the Kashmir highway for easy access.

Bad weather is common This area is also visited by tourists who can get a good view of Muzaffarabad and the rural areas around the hidden city. Thanks to its amazing beauty, lush green plains, and beautiful climate, it is winning the hearts of nature lovers. A view of the peak of the neighboring mountains peaks for the visitor. 

A visit to Pir Chinasi Muzaffarabad will give visitors a spectacular view of Jhelum Valley and beautiful snow-capped mountains. One can view trails and trails in the middle of a spectacular landscape. It is a favorite place for travelers and tourists with a bold mindset. The hiking experience will surely add a special flavor to the rest of the trip.

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