sadhu bela temple

The Serenity of Sadhu Bela Temple: A Place for Spiritual Reflection

Pakistan is one of those Muslim countries that welcomes all cultures, traditions, and religions. It allows minorities to practice their religion in peace. This is because the sanctity of historical places has remained intact since the birth of Pakistan. One of those places that should be in your travel book is the Sadhu Bela Temple.

Location of Sadhu Bela Temple

The Sadhu Bela Temple is considered sacred by many Hindu pilgrims. Located on an island structure, the temple is a beautiful sight, especially before sunset. It is set in stunning artistic and architectural designs and retains many important emblems of Hinduism. This sacred shrine is situated on the river Indus flowing between Rohri and Sukkur

sadhu bela temple

History of Sadhu Bela, Sukkur

If we talk specifically about Hindu temples, then there is one very famous and old, called Sadhu Island or Sadh Belo. In Urdu, it is called Sadhu Bela. It was founded in 1823 by Swami Brakhandi Maharaja and is located in Sukkur on the Indus River

Swami Brakhandi Maharaj migrated from Nepal and settled in this part of Sindh. He is believed to have spent nearly 40 years worshiping the food goddess Anporna, who blessed the land with abundant food.

sadhu bela temple

The story of Sadhu Bela Mandir

Sadhu Bela Mandir, originally known as Menak Parbat, is one of the historical places to which the story is attached.

According to the history we know, a teenager named Swami Brakhandi Maharaj, in search of spiritual guidance, left his home city of Delhi in 1823. 

In his quest for spirituality, he chose Sindh to find what he was looking for. He set out on a journey towards Sukkur and decided to live on an isolated island. There he built several temples for his worship and thus the Sadhu Bela Temple was established.

Things to do at Sadhu Bela

Sadhu Bela Mandir can easily be an eye-catching structure for tourists as it lies between Rohri and Sukkur along the river Indus. It covers the entire island with a beautifully built formation of several other temples.

Along with the temples, there is a dining hall, and a garden, and the island’s charm also includes a library.

There are residences for monks and spiritual seekers, and other visitors can also stay here. However, due to its ancient structure, it is more than likely that tourists will just visit and not stay there.

sadhu bela temple

Weather in Sadh Belo

Sadh Belo Island is one of the many famous places that Sukkur is known for. Places like Bakhar Island, Shah Kheruddin Shrine, and Sadh Belo add to the historical importance of Sukkur. Sukkur is already 220 feet above sea level, making it the hottest city in the province. Humidity is at its peak in summer, especially from March to May.

Weather conditions do not prevent the curious from traveling. Those who want to explore the world and see all the fascinating structures continue their journey for a lifetime. Tourists from all over visit Sadh Belo Island to see the beautiful Sadhu Bela shrine and never leave disappointed.

sadhu bela temple

Importance of Pakistan while keeping its historical values and structures intact

Our country is popular for preserving intact historical temples. This is precisely why people from abroad like to visit us. Even though we are a Muslim country, we respect the religion of others and let them be in peace. 

We live in peace with others and do not neglect minorities. While there will always be one among those hundred who would promote hatred, negativity, and conflict just for fun, we as a nation support harmony and will always look out for each other.

Sadhu Bela is one of the hundreds of Hindu temples that we have preserved over the years so that it does not lose its historical value. The shrine is tall and wide and covers a lot of land in Sukkur. 

If you haven’t been enticed to visit the place yet, you should google more pictures and documents about the place and you will know what you are missing.

Route to Sadhu Bela Mandir

After crossing the Rohri Bridge, the road follows the river towards Sukkur. As you walk along this road, a very large and spacious building can be seen on the left side in a grove of trees. This is the shrine of Sadhu Bela. This amazing shrine can only be reached by boat which lands right at the main gate of the shrine.

Architechture of Sadhu Bela Temple Sukkur

In addition, the temple has very attractive architecture; the walls of the temple are decorated with marble carvings on which the statues of their gods are placed in a very beautiful manner. 

The temple also has lawns and there are so many different symbolic things that are used by their gods according to their religion. The temple is spread over a huge area and its structure is less modern and more attractive. 

Various statues of Gods are available there and Hindus perform different kinds of prayers on different occasions. Apart from this, there are nearly 48 rooms available for the convenience of the visitors and there is also a library where thousands of books are available on various subjects and topics related to Hinduism.

sadhu bela temple

The temple complex consists of several shrines and structures, with the main temple dedicated to Shiva, one of the principal deities in Hinduism. The temple has unique architecture, with intricate carvings and decorations that reflect the rich cultural heritage of the region.

The security system is very strict no one can enter or visit the temple without permission; there is a proper way to get permission from Hindu Punchaita. 

It is difficult for non-Hindus due to the security system as Sadh Belo is the largest temple in Pakistan. During the festival days, arrangements are made to give the devotees free food and water and at the same time provide them with a comfortable place to spend their nights. 

Devotees whose last year’s prayers were answered can see the distribution of sweets, food, chilled milk, and other things among the people.

Tourist attractions at Sadhu Bela

Apart from its religious significance, Sadhu Bela Temple is also known for its scenic beauty and serene atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy the peaceful surroundings, take a dip in the holy waters of the Indus River, and explore the various shrines and structures within the temple complex.

Today, Sadhu Bela Temple continues to attract thousands of devotees and tourists each year, who come to pay their respects, seek blessings, and experience the spiritual and cultural richness of this ancient and holy site.

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