Taki Top: A Gateway to Jahaz Banda’s Natural Splendor

Nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes and crisp, refreshing air, Taki Top stands as an enchanting spot. This compact area marks the final stop for jeeps arriving from Thal. Despite its allure, there are no hotels or restaurants in sight. However, it serves as the embarkation point for the trek to Jahaz Banda.

Trekking Adventures

For those choosing to trek, the journey takes around 4 hours on foot, but opting for a horse ride significantly shortens the travel time to just an hour. It’s essential to carry provisions since there are no amenities available along the Taki Top to Jahaz Banda trail.

Transport and Accessibility

While it’s possible to bring your own vehicle to Taki Top, it’s recommended to hire a jeep due to the narrow and challenging roads, ensuring a safer journey. The road leading from Thal to Taki Top takes approximately 2 hours and serves as the final stop before the trek to Jahaz Banda commences.

Journeying to Jahaz Banda

To truly relish Jahaz Banda’s beauty, it’s advisable to ride a powerful vehicle to Taki Top and then switch to a horse ride toward Jahaz Banda. This way, the journey becomes more enjoyable and less strenuous, especially considering the demanding trek ahead.

Taki Top’s Features

At an altitude of 8800 feet, Taki Top is the last accessible point by vehicle en route to Jahaz Banda. While there are some makeshift food stalls, basic necessities are available, and parking space is provided. The road from Thal to Taki Top is mostly good, yet perilously narrow in spots—a mud track that demands expertise from the driver.

Facilities and Amenities

Taki Top also serves as a crucial stop for those journeying toward Jaz Banda meadows. The area offers refreshments and camping facilities, making it an ideal pitstop.

Scenic Beauty and Access

The picturesque surrounding farms enhance the beauty of Taki Top, contributing to its serene ambiance. To reach this point, travelers must head from the main Kumrat road to Jamsher, where vehicles are parked. Then, a short 20-30 minute jeep ride or a one-hour hike leads to Taki Top—the starting point for the Jahaz Banda hike. Though the food quality is moderate, it’s advisable to carry your water due to limited availability in the area.

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