forts in cholistan desert, Qila Derawar fort bahawalpur in cholistan desert

Forts in Cholistan Desert

There are around 26 forts in Cholistan Desert. Cholistan is a desert in Pakistan and its local name is Rohi. It is thirty kilometers away from Bahawalpur and falls under the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is famous for forts and a traditional camel race and the camel is called Aeroplane of the Desert. 

The Sindh desert is adjacent to the Cholistan desert. The word cholistan is derived from choli, which means desert in Turkish, that is why it is called cholistan. The people of Cholistan are innocent and spend their lives searching for food from one place to another and moving with their animals.  forts in cholistan desert

The main landmark of Cholistan is Derawar fort and it is also the symbol of identification of Cholistan. Darawar Fort is forty-eight kilometers from Dera Nawab Sahib. The local language is Sariki, which is also spoken around Cholistan, which shows its historical importance and background. forts in cholistan desert

The Cholistan Desert also known locally as Rohi is a desert in the southern part of Pakistan, Thar 2 which extends into Sindh province and Indian state of rajasthan. It is one of the two major deserts in Punjab, the other being the Thal Desert. The name is derived from the Turkish word chol, meaning “sands”, and istan, a Persian suffix meaning “earth”.

Location of Cholistan Desert

Cholistan is located at a distance of around 30 kilometers away from historical city of Bahawalpur and falls under the Punjab province of Pakistanforts in cholistan desert

Cholistan is mainly dependent on its livestock assets as it is deficient in water and rainfall. Local crafts are leather products, weaving and textiles. Cholistan is famous for its quality woolen carpets throughout Pakistan; it has huge production in other parts of the country in Pakistanforts in cholistan desert

History of Cholistan Desert

In ancient times, Cholistan was a fertile region with a large river fed by meltwater from the Himalayas, and thus has a high density of ancient settlements from the Indus Valley Civilization period, dating as far back as 4000 BC. The region later became a center for caravan trade, leading to the construction of numerous forts in the Middle Ages to protect trade routes – the best preserved example of which is Derawar Fort.

Popoular Forts in Cholistan Desert

Some of the main Forts of Cholistan Desert are :  forts in cholistan desert

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