mabali Island

Mabali Island Magic: A Tropical Wonderland

Mabali Island is a beautiful resort surrounded in the mountains and located near Khanpur Lake. There are several fun and adventure activities are available at the Island for the visitors. This is a must visit for enjoyment and recreational activities. It is one of the most beautiful resorts of Pakistan.

Distance from Islamabad

Mabali island is located at a distance of around 50/55 kilometers from Islamabad. Around 1.5 to 2 hours would be spent to reach the spot from Islamabad on your own vehicle.

How to Reach Mabali Islanad

You have to travel from Islamabad towards Peshawar on G.T. Road. Then you have to take right turn turn from Taxila on Haripur Road. From Haripur Road you have to turn towards Khanpur. Mabali Island is built in a Village of Khanpur called Bhamala.

Fun Activites at Bhamala Island

There are a number of fun activities available at Bhamala Island for recreational and enjoyment of the visitors. 

Some of the Main Activities at the spot are:

Mabali Island is surrounded with mountains all around and the landscape is very scenic and refreshing for the visitors. It has very beautiful views and lush green gardens.

There are also different options available for night stay. A good restaurant is also available on the spot. Mabali Island is a must visit resort. You will find very few resorts of such level and facilities in Pakistan. It is one of its types.

Khanpur is small city or town of KPK Province of Pakistan. There is a DAM constructed on Haro river in Khanpur area known as Khanpur dam. Khanpur Lake is part of Khanpur Dam.

Khanpur dam is a source to provide drinking water to the population of 2 big cities i.e. Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Dam also meet industrial and agricultural water requirement of several nearby areas.

The dam has an overall capacity of 80 thousand acre feet of water storage. It generates 200MW of electricity. It was built / completed in 1983. Total cost incurred for the construction of the dam is 1385 millions.

Route to Mabali Island

Road leading to Khanpur dam is recently built and is in magnificent condition. To reach Mabali Island you have to take right turn after around 2 Kms from Khanpur. Road is a little rough but one can easily drive on personal car. After reaching Bhamala village, take a left turn to reach your destination i.e. Mabali Island.

It is around 2kms distance from Bhamala village. The road is rough but easily approachable on personal car. There are several other resorts in the area other than Mabali Island. Some of these resorts are Gandhara Resort, Orange Resort etc.

There is no option for Parasailing available in the Mabali Island. If you want to go for Parasailing, then you have to go straight from Bhamala instead of left turn towards Mabali island. There is point available for Parasailing where a number of agents are available to provide parasailing facilities. Cost for parasailing is around 3 to 4 thousand rupees per ride.

Parasailing would be a great experience and you would enjoy a lot. Proper Kit would be provided for the adventure. You would be able to have a full view of Khanpur dam and village from above while parasailing.

All the way to Mabali Island is very beautiful and attractive.

Entry to Mabala is Rs. 500 per Head which can be adjusted in any of the activities performed. Family boat could be rented for around 2 to 3 thousand rupees. Around 8 people can ride on the family boat. They would give you a ride of 3 to 4 kms on family boat. 

All the family can enjoy together the ride on family boat and Khanpur lake whose water is green. If you have Visited Attabad Lake its water is blue.

Sofa tubing is also available. Ticket price is around Rs. 1500 per 2 persons.

Rates are very reasonable as compared to same in foreign countries.

It is a whole day adventure. Night views are also very splended and beautiful.There are beautiful resorts avaialbe with different options if you want to stay at night in the resort.

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