Mankial Valley

Mankial Valley in Swat, Pakistan: An Altitude of 18,750 Feet

The beautiful valley of Swat is a conglomeration of different and varied valleys and plains. The southern region is quite wide and open, consisting of plains that are cultivated year-round and provide an extremely large amount of fruit and crops. 

The northern region is a congregation of high lofty mountains, where small valleys provide little land for cultivation and habitable area for a small mass of population dispersed in various groups and families. 

Mankial Valley Location

Mankial Valley, situated in the northern region of Swat along the primary route to Kalam, offers a captivating experience. While the road conditions may not be ideal, the breathtaking natural landscapes, refreshing cool breeze, and the lively and spirited Swat River, with its cascading waters, continuously captivate and enchant visitors. The valley is approximately eighty kilometers away from Saidu Sharif.

Mankial Peak Height

Mankial Valley is renowned throughout Swat for its multitude of sharp and rugged peaks, which are visible from far-reaching plains, stretching for hundreds of kilometers. The tallest of these peaks soars to an impressive elevation of 18,750 feet above sea level. Many national and international mountaineers have dared to scale these dizzying summits, with some paying the ultimate price while others triumphed over the challenging heights.

One notable achievement was made by a Japanese mountaineer who successfully conquered Mount Mankial in 1975. Ascending these perilous and unpredictable heights demands great courage, unwavering determination, and, above all, exceptional expertise.

These lofty pinnacles of Mankial have been the subject of numerous ancient myths and tales. According to local beliefs, these peaks are inhabited by supernatural beings like fairies and jinn. Intruders, especially humans, are met with harsh consequences, often losing their lives or succumbing to persistent hallucinations and delusions. The towering heights of the mountains, combined with the enchanting ambiance, occasionally blur the lines between myth and reality, evoking a sense that these legends may indeed hold some truth.

Places to Visit in Mankial Valley Swat

  • Balakot/Dawanr
  • Badai:
  • Jabai
  • Serai
  • Chokail Banda
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