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Legendary Love Story of Noori Jam Tamachi: A Tale of Tragedy and Devotion

The story of Noori Jam Tamachi is a famous folklore from the Sindh region of Pakistan. It is a tale of love, sacrifice, and tragedy that has been passed down through generations in the form of songs and stories.

According to one legend, Noori was a beautiful young girl who lived in the village of Wandh, near the Indus River. She was the daughter of a fisherman and had a reputation for her stunning beauty and her singing voice.

One day, while fishing in the river, Noori’s father caught a fish that was so large he could not pull it in. As he struggled with the fish, a handsome young man named Jam Tamachi appeared and helped him reel it in. Noori’s father was so grateful that he invited Jam Tamachi to their home, where he was introduced to Noori.

Jam Tamachi was immediately smitten with Noori and soon the two fell deeply in love. However, Jam Tamachi was a prince from a neighboring kingdom and their love was forbidden by the strict social customs of the time. 

Despite the odds against them, Noori Jam Tamachi continued to meet secretly and profess their love for each other. However, when Noori’s father discovered their secret meetings, he forbade her from seeing Jam Tamachi and arranged for her to marry someone else.

On the day of Noori’s wedding, Jam Tamachi appeared and declared his love for her in front of the entire village. He offered to marry her and take her away to his kingdom where they could be together forever. However, Noori, unwilling to bring shame to her family, refused his proposal and chose to fulfill her duty as a daughter and marry the man her father had chosen for her. 

noori jam tamachi

Heartbroken, Jam Tamachi left the village and wandered the desert, singing sad songs of his lost love. Eventually, he died of a broken heart and was buried in the desert.

Noori, consumed with grief, could not bear the thought of living without Jam Tamachi and jumped into the Indus River, where she drowned. Legend has it that the two lovers were buried next to each other and that a tree grew from their graves, symbolizing their eternal love.

The story of Noori Jam Tamachi has become an important part of Sindh’s cultural heritage and is often performed in the form of songs and plays. Noori Jam Tamachi has been adapted into several films and television dramas as well, making it one of the most enduring and beloved stories of South Asia.

noori jam tamachi

Another Version Noori Jam Tamachi Story

Once upon a time, there was an ancient fishing village located near Lake Keenjhar. The villagers were primarily fishermen and boatmen, and the women of the village would catch fish from the lake and sell them. In this village, a beautiful girl was born in a fisherman’s house, and she was named Noori by the town chief due to her radiant and lovely face.

As Noori grew older, her beauty became even more enchanting. However, she was unfortunate to contract leprosy in her youth, which caused her to hide her face from everyone. One day, an old man who was hungry passed through the village, and Noori, with her kind heart, opened the door for him and informed her mother about the visitor. The old man explained his situation to Noori’s mother, and they decided to offer him shelter. 

There was a deep bond of love that formed between Noori and the elders of the village. Her father welcomed the old man into their home with respect. Noori prepared food for him and served it, still hiding her face. The old man, who was a devout servant of Allah and known as Sahib Kashf, noticed Noori’s covered appearance and asked her why she concealed her face, hands, and feet. Noori, with great sadness, revealed that she had leprosy and was hiding her condition from others, unsure of her fate.

The elders were surprised by Noori’s response and asked Sahib Kashf to intervene. With his spiritual power, Sahib Kashf recited something and blew his breath towards Noori from a distance. Miraculously, his breath healed Noori’s face, hands, feet, and entire body, causing the leprosy to vanish completely. From that moment on, Noori not only became a symbol of beauty, but also captivated anyone who laid eyes on her.

During that time, Sindh was ruled by Jam Unar, a lord of the Samma dynasty. Allauddin Khilji, the king of India, attacked Sindh, captured the fort of Bhakkhar, and took Jam Unar and his family as prisoners to Delhi. After Jam Unar passed away in prison, Allauddin Khilji summoned Jam Unar’s son, Prince Jam Khairuddin (also known as Jam Tamachi), and entrusted him with ruling over Sindh and leading his tribe.

Jam Tamachi, while staying in Thatta, happened to see Noori while sailing on Lake Keenjhar. Instantly mesmerized by her beauty, he became infatuated with her and returned to Bhakkhar. However, Noori’s close associates and advisors tried to dissuade him from pursuing her due to caste differences and her humble background. But Noori’s exquisite beauty overshadowed any concerns about her social status. 

Jam Tamachi summoned Noori’s parents and proposed a relationship with her. Delighted at the opportunity, Noori’s parents accepted the proposal, considering it a fortunate alliance. In return, the taxes imposed on the fishermen by the ruling authorities were waived, bringing prosperity back to the impoverished fishing community.

The wedding was arranged, and Noori became the queen of Jam Tamachi. However, after the marriage, Noori discovered that Jam Tamachi was already married and had seven other wives in the palace. Jam Tamachi commanded all his wives to respect and obey Noori, making her the dominant queen. However, the other wives became jealous of Noori and conspired against her, seeking ways to undermine her position in the king’s eyes. 

At the same time, the courtiers and palace servants refused to accept Noori as queen due to her lowly origins as a fisherman’s daughter. Jam Tamachi expressed his displeasure over their behavior and not only honored Noori in the palace but also introduced her to the people of Thatta as the “Maharani” of the Sama family. 

Noori had a kind heart and treated her seven sisters with respect, taking care of the needs of the courtiers and servants. Despite her efforts, the seven wives, along with their servants, continued to conspire against Noori, attempting to discredit her in the eyes of the king. Meanwhile, rumors circulated that every third day Noori’s brother would come to the palace and bring her a wooden box filled with jewels and money. Disturbed by these accusations, Jam Tamachi decided to investigate the matter himself.

To his surprise, Jam Tamachi discovered that Noori did not enjoy the palace food as she used to eat fish and its bones before their marriage. Her brother would bring her fish and bones in a wooden box, which she would consume and return. Realizing the lies of his wives, Jam Tamachi became deeply upset, and his love for Noori grew stronger than ever. Unfortunately, Noori’s shock and sorrow over the incident led to her untimely demise.

noori jam tamachi

Shrine of Noori Jam Tamachi

After Noori’s death, Jam Tamachi buried her in the middle of the lake and constructed a magnificent mausoleum as a tribute to her. The tomb, known as the Shrine of Noori Jam Tamachi, is a remarkable architectural marvel. Even today, when tourists visit Lake Keenjhar from various parts of Pakistan, they make it a point to explore the shrine by boat and pay their respects to Noori Jam Tamachi.

Visitors to the shrine often approach it by boat, gliding across the calm waters of Lake Keenjhar to reach the sacred site. The journey itself adds to the mystical experience and allows visitors to appreciate the natural beauty of the lake and its surroundings.

Inside the shrine, visitors find the final resting place of Noori Jam Tamachi. The graves are meticulously maintained and adorned with flowers, reflecting the ongoing reverence and respect for their memory. Devotees and pilgrims pay their respects and visit the graves to offer Fatiha.

The Shrine of Noori Jam Tamachi serves as a cultural and historical landmark, preserving the legacy of an iconic love story and celebrating the spirit of devotion and resilience. It holds deep significance for the local community, who often gather at the shrine during religious festivals and special occasions to honor the memory of Noori and Jam Tamachi.

The shrine not only attracts devotees but also welcomes tourists and history enthusiasts who are intrigued by the tale of Noori and the architectural grandeur of the mausoleum. Noori Jam Tamachi story stands as a poignant reminder of the power of love, the triumph of the human spirit, and the timeless allure of legends that continue to inspire generations.

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