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Keenjhar Lake: A Gateway to Relaxation and Adventure

Keenjhar Lake commonly called Malik Lake is located in Thatta district of Sindh province, Pakistan. It is located about 36 kilometers (22 mi) from Thatta city. It is the largest freshwater lake in Pakistan and an important source of drinking water for Thatta district and the city of Karachi. Due to the construction of the dam on the eastern side, the lake is said to have been formed by the joining of two lakes, i.e., Sonehri and Keenjhar.

Keenjhar Lake has been declared a Ramsar site and nature reserve. It provides a favorable environment for winter migratory birds such as ducks, geese, flamingos, cormorants, waders, egrets, egrets, ibises, terns, coots, and gulls. It has been observed as a breeding ground for black night herons, pygmy geese, purple swamphen, and pheasant-tailed jacana.

Keenjhar is a popular tourist resort. Many people from Karachi, Hyderabad, and Thatta visit for picnics, swimming, fishing, and boating. Keenjhar Lake Resort is the most popular resort in Thatta district. You will find yourself in heaven as you listen to the chirping of birds, and the soothing sounds of Keenjhar Lake. Developed beautifully architecturally on the banks of Keenjhar Lake.

Kalri Lake Distance from Karachi & Thatta

The Lake is one of the main attractions of Thatta district. The lake is regionally known as Kalri Lake. It is located in Thatta district, Sindh. It is 122 km away from Karachi and 18 km from Thatta city. It is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Pakistan. It is an indispensable threshold of drinking water for Thatta and for the city of Karachi. 

Keenjhar Lake has emerged as a Ramsar site and a natural heaven for life. Keenjhar is a suitable natural terrain for flocks of migrating birds in the winter season like ducks, geese, flamingos, cormorants, wading birds, egrets, egrets, ibises, terns, coots, and gulls. Keenjhar is a captivating tourist resort

Tourist Attractions in Keenjhar

A considerable number of visitors frequent this place from Karachi, Hyderabad, and Thatta to enjoy with their acquaintances and relatives. Visitors greatly enjoy swimming and fishing. The famous folklore of Sindh Noori Jam Tamachi is associated with this amazing place. 

In the middle of this fascinating lake is an altar marking the grave of the great legend Noori. Various enthusiasts from different cities of Pakistan visit this magically bound monument and enjoy it deeply.

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The famous folklore of Noori Jam Tamachi, who was a fisherman, is associated with the lake. In the middle of the lake is a shrine marking Noori’s grave, which is visited by devotees.

It is one of the most attractive and peaceful destinations that you would find near Karachi.

The grave in the middle of the Lake is a popular tourist attraction and is visited by many people each year. Visitors can take a boat ride to the tomb and offer prayers or pay their respects to the legendary king. The site is also a popular spot for picnics and other recreational activities.

However, the true origins of the grave remain shrouded in mystery, and its exact age and purpose are still a subject of debate among historians and archaeologists. Some believe that the tomb was built during the Kalhora dynasty, while others speculate that it may date back to pre-Islamic times.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding its origins, the grave in the middle of the Lake remains a fascinating and enigmatic site, capturing the imagination of visitors and locals alike.

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Adorned with pristine waters and the presence of a well-managed resort for tourist activities, Keenjhar Lake serves as a perfect place to enjoy the natural environment and indulge in adventurous activities to make the most of your short vacation. To help you plan your trip, we’ve put together a detailed travel guide to this wildly underrated tourist attraction in Sindh.

Commonly known as ‘Keenjhar Jheel’ or ‘Keenjhar Dhand’, Keenjhar Lake is a beautiful man-made water reservoir located in the heart of the Thatta district of Sindh. Local people also call it “Karli Jheel”. It is only half an hour’s drive (36 kilometers) from the very famous historical city of Thatta. The fact that it is the second-largest freshwater lake in Pakistan is one of the biggest reasons for its widespread popularity.

The lake is of immense importance as it is one of the main sources of drinking water for two major cities in Sindh, Thatta and Karachi. It is believed that the Kalri Lake water body was formed by the confluence of two lakes: Sonehri and Keenjhar. The lake, which provides a safe habitat for winter migratory and regional bird species including ducks, egrets, egrets, ibises, terns, coots, geese, flamingos, cormorants, wading birds, and gulls, has been declared a nature reserve.


If you are wondering how to reach the Lake from Karachi, then the best route you can take is National Highway N-5. The total distance from Karachi to Keenjhar Lake is more than 100 kilometers and it takes about two hours to reach the destination if you drive at a speed of 80-90 kilometers per hour.


If you are looking for accommodation near Keenjhar Lake, you will come across the name Keenjhar Lake Resort. This is one of the recent projects of the Sindh provincial government that has helped transform Keenjhar Lake into a full-fledged tourist destination. 

Managed by the Sindh Tourism Development Corporation (STDC), Keenjhar Lake Resort can be booked for a day for around PKR 10-15 thousand. If you are planning a trip to Keenjhar Lake, you can also book the resort online. One thing to keep in mind while traveling to Keenjhar Lake Resort is that the check-in and check-out time is 4:00 PM and 3:00 PM.

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You have plenty of options on the list of things to do near Keenjhar Lake. It is considered one of the best fishing spots near Karachi and for good reason. During the first six months of 2019, around 600,000 fish, seeds were released into the lake in several phases. In addition to fishing, you can enjoy boating, jet skiing, swimming, and bird watching.


As Keenjhar Jheel is located near the historical city of Thatta, it is surrounded by many ancient monuments that are worth seeing. To make your trip even more interesting and unforgettable, you can also visit one of the historical places in the vicinity. Here is a list of some of the most popular tourist attractions near Keenjhar Lake:

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