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Would you like to visit a Paradise on Earth1 – Moola Chotok Waterfall Khuzdar Balochistan –

Moola Chotok waterfall khuzdar Balochistan is a hidden gorge located in the middle of Khuzdar district in southern Baluchistan province of Pakistan

Moola Chotok Waterfall Khuzdar Balochistan Location

Moola Chotok Waterfall is located approximately 105 kilometers (65 mi) northeast of Khuzdar at an elevation of 1,237 meters (4,058 ft). Surrounded by high cliffs, the cascading waterfall known as Chotok is one of the largest waterfalls of Sub Tehsil Moola.

Moola Chotok is a gateway between central and western Balochistan, Sindh and Iran, it is known for its historical and geographical significance. The shortest distance between central Balochistan and Sindh is avoided by using this route (Moola Pass). 

Ancient ruins from Thorekhear, Hatachi, Hayrav, Kial Beig and Pasta Khan indicate that Moola Chotok belongs to this civilization 2000 years ago. There is a river called Moola Chotok in Jalawan which originates in Dist. Khuzdar. There are also fish in the river, so fishing is a popular pastime for people in the area.

Moola Chotok Falls

Many mangoes can be found along the way. These mangoes are juicy and make good pickles. Mango fields are spread all over the country along with orange, lemon and olive fields. Shahan is one of the most beautiful villages in Sub Tehsil Moola.

There are many waterfalls in the village. Moola Chootak is the largest waterfall in Sub Tehsil Moola and Balochistan. There are two hills between this waterfall. Due to the interaction between the mountain peaks, the waterfall appears to resemble an umbrella. The reason is that it attracts tourists.

Best time to visit Moola Chotok

The water is warm in the winter months and cold in the summer months. People feel comfortable in their imaginative world. You can visit this area all year round.

Moola Chotok Distance from Karachi

They don’t have any local facilities so going there with friends is even better. The last 80/85 kilometers of the road to Chatak do not pass any hotels or small grocery stores. 

First you need to reach Khuzdar town and then arrange a 4×4 vehicle with a local guide to visit the area there. There is a total of 80 km off-road through Chamrok and 130 km from Karkh-Zaidi M8. There are rough places 30-40 km.

About 2 kilometers away is one of the most common. There is a rest area or a guesthouse where only economic facilities are available. This holiday home has something specific and typical, which is not recommended for families. All you need is a mosquito net/net to protect yourself from mosquitoes and insects. If you’re going camping overnight, pack the essentials.

Khuzdar to Moola Chotok Transport

Khuzdar city has plenty of 4×4 available for rent. It is found locally, depending on the season. It is normal for Jeep prices to range from Rs 12,000 to Rs 15,000, depending on how you negotiate. They will drop you off in Khuzdar for the same price as taking you to the falls and then back to Khuzdar.

Chota Chotok

You will have a hard time on this off-road track. Once you leave Khuzdar and reach Moola Chotuk, you will not be able to receive mobile phone signals. You can get Ufone signals partially on Moola Chootak. 

The waterfalls include Chota Chotok and Mula Chotok which are separate but close to each other. On the other hand, since the falls are formed on the Moola River, it is sweet and fresh water, not salty. Children can travel with you. cottage, chottok, chuttok

Khuzdar To Moola Chotok

You must have a four wheel drive vehicle. It is necessary to hire a 4×4 from the Khuzdar bypass. There is a gas station nearby. You will find many old 4x4s in this area. You could expect to pay around 12,000 to 15,000 rupees for an entire Jeep or Hilux. 

First there are the mountains and then it’s off-road, so the air conditioning won’t work. It will take at least 4 to 5 hours to reach the mola chatak and another at least 2 hours to reach the chota chatok. Food, water and cooking utensils are needed. You may want to prepare a meal.

If you go to Chotou Chotok, you need to stay overnight. Camping is the best part of the trip. If you are not going to be late, you must leave early in the morning to arrive on time. The journey from Karachi to Khuzdar will take approximately 6 hours non-stop.

Tourism in Moola Chotok

There is no danger along the road between Karachi and Moola Chotak. My recommendation is not for children under 6 to 10 years old. In Khuzdar you can hire a 4X4 and stay at Emarat Hotel on RCD Highway which is off the main highway. So Mula chotuk is one of the must visit places in Balochistan.

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