sajikot waterfall in havelian abbottabad

Enchanting Sajikot Waterfall: Nature’s Harmonious Cascade in Abbottabad

Sajikot Waterfall is a mesmerizing natural wonder nestled near Abbottabad, Pakistan. This picturesque waterfall draws locals and tourists alike for its scenic beauty and serene atmosphere. The waterfall, spanning three tiers, cascades down about 200 feet, forming a larger pond at its base.

You can easily reach the waterfall via a smooth road, suitable for cars, jeeps, or motorcycles.

Location of Sajikot Waterfall in Havelian Abbottabad

Sajikot Waterfall in Havelian Abbottabad is a waterfall located in Havelian Tehsil, Abbottabad District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan. It is a popular tourist destination in Abbottabad district. It is about 27 kilometers (17 mi) from Havelian and 40 kilometers (25 mi) from Abbottabad district. A newly constructed narrow road from Havelian to Sajikot allows visitors to drive directly to the top of the waterfall.

Sajikot Twin Falls offers a captivating view and draws both locals and tourists for leisurely picnics and relaxation. These falls are a hidden gem within Pakistan and stand among the country’s most sought-after waterfalls. Accessible after crossing Sajikot Nala, the three-tiered cascade plummets around 200 feet, with the smaller segment cascading into a pond before merging with the larger one.

The route to the falls is easily navigable and suitable for cars, jeeps, or motorcycles. However, it’s essential to note that the water isn’t potable and isn’t advisable for swimming, though some take the risk of doing so.

Originating as a stream coursing through the adjacent village, it transforms into a waterfall as it descends from the mountainside. The water’s temperature is moderate, differing from the chill of typical mountain streams. The vicinity lacks a proper marketplace, although there’s a nearby hotel catering to truck drivers.

It’s recommended to carry ample provisions for meals or cooking purposes, as there are limited dining options available.

Islamabad to Sajikot Waterfall

To get to Hazara Interchange, follow the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway and head north toward Abbottabad.

• Upon reaching the city, take the Shah Maqsood interchange near Havelian.

• Just before crossing the extensive bridge over the Dor River, take the town exit at the end of Havelian.

• Continue alongside the River Dor until you reach a junction. Take the left road leading up into the residential area.

• Traverse through the lanes of Havelian Town until you reach mountainous roads.

• Ascend the hill via the road on the left to reach Sajikot waterfall.

• A 10-minute walk will lead you to the initial tier of the waterfall.

• To access the second tier and pond, descend into the valley below, which takes roughly 30 minutes.

• The return ascent from the valley to Sajikot requires around 45 minutes.

• Standing at approximately 175 feet tall, Sajikot Falls is identified as one of the tallest waterfalls in Pakistan.

Activities at Sajikot Waterfall Abbottabad

The Sajikot waterfall stands as one of KPK’s most magnificent natural wonders. Its crystal-clear streams and captivating vistas make it an ideal spot for hiking and camping. The allure of this stunning waterfall never fails to enchant tourists who flock here to witness its mesmerizing beauty. Activities like swimming, hiking, trekking, and camping are popular among visitors seeking adventure in this breathtaking locale. The peaceful ambiance of the area is remarkably refreshing, leaving tourists captivated by the sheer natural splendor of the Sajikot waterfall

Tourist Attractions at Sajikot Falls

This cascade is a magnet for tourists, drawn by its captivating scenery and tranquil ambiance. Enveloped by verdant meadows and clear streams, this majestic waterfall is a sight to behold amidst the perfectly sculpted mountains.

Adjacent to Sajikot lies another gem: the Umbrella Waterfall. Once you set foot in this location, leaving becomes a challenge. Its distinct natural charm casts a spell, offering views that are both enchanting and unspoiled. Towering at 200 meters, the cascading waters emit a soothing melody, while the serene lake below invites visitors for a refreshing swim or leisurely time.

Ample seating arrangements allow for a relaxed experience, making a visit to this waterfall an unforgettable communion with nature. Though the trail to the waterfall is steep, caution is advised.

The locals are friendly and accommodating, and for added adventure, a chairlift a few kilometers away adds to the experience.

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