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Umbrella WaterFall: Nature’s Drizzle of Wonder

Within the stunning array of waterfalls in Abbottabad, KPK, Pakistan, the Umbrella Waterfall stands out as an exceptional gem. Positioned close to Poona village, visitors can also catch a glimpse of the Sajikot Falls from this site. The distinctive and captivating natural structure of the Umbrella Waterfall has solidified its status as a favored spot among tourists.

Location of Umbrella Waterall

The location of Umbrella Waterfall Pakistan is in the Sajikot area of the Abbottabad district in the Khyber Pakhtun Province of Pakistan. It has recently emerged as a new tourist attraction in the KPK province of Pakistan. The waterfall is located 27 km from Havelian. To reach the waterfall, you have to walk down for about 30 to 45 minutes from Poona village.

In addition, a stream of crystal clear water flows between the large rocks. The water showers provide a breathtaking spectacle that revitalizes the spirit, and the awe-inspiring beauty of nature can be felt in the atmosphere of the amber waterfall.

Route to Umbrella Waterfall

The Umbrella waterfall lies at a distance of 4 kilometers from the Sajikot waterfall. Following a 4-kilometer stretch, the road veers left, guiding visitors to the Umbrella waterfall, where ample parking space awaits. Motorcycle parking incurs a fee of 50 Pakistani rupees, while car parking is priced at 100 rupees.

Refreshment options abound at the periphery of Pakistan’s Umbrella Falls, boasting an array of shops and cafes. Pairing a cup of tea with pakoras, an Asian dish composed of potatoes and assorted vegetables, is a delightful choice.

Navigating the route can pose a challenge due to the road’s poor condition, often slippery, demanding careful footing. Bloggers have highlighted the difficulty in reaching the destination during drizzles, emphasizing the rewarding result—a view that transcends description and imagination. This locale offers therapeutic solace in its serene beauty!

Despite the journey’s obstacles, this destination comes highly recommended for a day trip, offering a captivating panorama that’s truly worth experiencing.

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This captivating cascade, ensconced amid mountains, resembles a stunning shower of nature’s splendor—an exquisite gem nestled within its surroundings. It’s akin to discovering a pearl within an oyster.

How to Reach Umbrella Waterfall Poona KP, Pakistan

Utilize the Hazara Motorway and take the Shah Maqsood interchange exit. Head in the direction of Havelian and proceed along the path leading to Sajjikot. Roughly 10 minutes after passing Sajikot, you’ll encounter a Mosque and Bazaar. Parking is available here, and from this point, a steep path ascends the hill toward the Umbrella Waterfall in Pakistan. The ascent is manageable, but the return hike along the trail can be notably challenging. This hike can be described as moderate, taking approximately 35 to 40 minutes.

From Islamabad to Umbrella Waterfall

To reach this destination, the route entails traveling from Islamabad to Havelian, then onward to Sajikot, and finally arriving at Poona. An alternative approach is from Pir Suhawa to Poona, and access is also available via Nathiagali.

Upon arrival at Poona, it’s advisable to park your vehicle. The trek towards the waterfall spans approximately 800 meters, demanding sturdy trekking shoes for a challenging journey. Families contemplating the trip should consider the difficulty level. Hiring a guide to assist in carrying luggage is recommended for a smoother experience—something we strongly advise. However, upon reaching the destination, the arduous trek and drive reveal their worth. This waterfall stands as one of Pakistan’s most breathtaking natural wonders, justifying the journey with its sheer beauty.

Hiking to Umbrella Falls Abbottabad

The trek posed no significant difficulty, suitable for almost anyone. To reach the waterfall, a leisurely walk of approximately 30 to 45 minutes from Poona village is required. The descent was a bit steep, but manageable.

Two paths lead to the bottom. One, meant for adventurers, is steeper and involves using an abseiling rope at the end, while the other path is more even and commonly used by families. Horses are available for hire but aren’t necessary for visiting the Umbrella Waterfall in Pakistan.

The journey from Havelian to Sajikot Waterfall takes about 40 minutes, and from Sajikot Waterfall to Poona village, it’s a mere 10-minute ride.

Umbrella Waterfall Weather

The weather around Umbrella Waterfall tends to be notably cold during winter months and experiences moderate temperatures throughout the summer season.

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