Visa free Countries for Pakistan – An Essential Tourism Initiative – 2021

Visa Free Countries fot Pakistan - A Tourism Initiative 2021

Travel Initiatives - 2021

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Citizens of Visa Free countries for Pakistan can now obtain travel visa on arrival under one of the travel initiatives, taken by the Government of Pakistan to improve tourism in the Country. Tourists have to apply online to receive an Electronic Travel Authentication.

Pakistan is a country which has a potential to become one the best travel destinations in the world. Authorities in Pakistan are working hard to facilitate foreign tourists in order to increase the number of foreign travelers in the country, hence allowed Visa free entry for selected countries.

Tourism industry in Pakistan is gradually developing. Resultingly, there is a considerable increase in the number of incoming foreign travelers specially backpackers and solo-travelers.

Worth mentioning that Pakistan is a safe country for foreigners to travel to, irrespective of their gender or race.

The people of Pakistan are very hospitable and always welcome their foreign guests. Moreover, all different types of tourism exist in Pakistan. Which includes natural, historical, adventure and religious tourism.

In recent times, Pakistan has witnessed a sharp increase in its tourism all across the country. 

Also the number and frequency of foreign tourists have also jumped quite considerably, as compared to the past. Which do not only includes adventure & solo travelers, but also families from foreign country have also started touring the country.

Pakistan tourism had faced a huge hit in the past due to law and order situation in the region. After successful completion of the war against terror, terrorism is almost completely washed out from the country. There is now total peace all over the country. Pakistan is as peaceful as any other country of the world.

Mainly, following steps have been taken by the Government of Pakistan to improve tourism in the country.

As a result of above mentioned initiatives, Tourism in the country has increased 300% in last two years as compared to previous years. Yet a lot more can be done in order to further attract tourists all around the globe, to make Pakistan as the World’s best travel destination.

Procedure for On Arrival Visa for Pakistan

Issuance of on arrival Visa for Pakistan is one of the above mentioned steps taken by the tourism industry favoring citizens of selected countries.

Citizens of the following visa free countries for Pakistan can now apply Online for on Arrival Visa.
Travelers would receive an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) after submitting an Online Visa application through by clicking here.

Besides above Pakistan has recently introduced an online facility for Visa Issuance. As a result, Electronic or E-Visas are issued to citizens of 175 countries. Details can be picked up from the website.

Pakistan is blessed with abundant natural and historical riches. And Most of the area in Pakistan is yet to be explored by the outer World. It has startling coastlines & gorgeous Lakes. It Consists of mesmerizing landscapes and stunning valleys.

Hence, travelers who are fond of ancient history will find the remains of the world’s oldest civilizations and cultures. 
Therefore, Pakistan is amongst the most attractive travel destinations in the world. Besides, the low tourism cost makes it one of Asia’s most potential travel destinations.

Following is the list of Visa free Countries for Pakistan – 2021, whose residents can avail the facility to get On arrival Visa for Pakistan.

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          List of Visa Free Countries for Pakistan – 2021

    1 Angola
    2 Argentina
    3 Austria
    4 Azerbaijan
    5 Bahamas
    6 Bahrain
    7 Barbados
    8 Botswana
    9 Brunei
    10 Costa Rica
    11 Finland
    12 Germany
    13 Ghana
    14 Iceland
    15 Indonesia
    16 Italy
    17 Japan
    18 Jordan
    19 Korea (South)
    20 Kuwait
    21 Lithuania
    22 Luxembourg
    23 Malaysia
    24 Maldives
    25 Malta
    26 Monaco
    27 Mozambique
    28 Nepal
    29 New Zealand
    30 Oman
    31 Paraguay
    32 Qatar
    33 Rwanda
    34 Saint Kitts and Nevis
    35 Saint Lucia
    36 Saudi Arabia
    37 Singapore
    38 Spain
    39 Sri Lanka
    40 Switzerland
    41 Tajikistan
    42 Tanzania
    43 Thailand
    44 Tonga
    45 Trinidad & Tobago
    46 Tunisia
    47 Turkey
    48 UAE
    49 Western Samoa
    50 Zambia

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