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Shah Faisal Mosque Islamabad: A Testament to Islamic Architecture

Shah Faisal Mosque, Islamabad is one of the most beautiful & unique mosques in the world and is the Landmark of Islamabad. It is also one of the biggest mosques in the world.

Location of Faisal Masjid

Shah Faisal Masjid is built on the foothills of lush & bushy Margalla Hills and is a main tourist spot in Islamabad.

The Mosque is located at the heart of Islamabad with easy accessibility. The Mosque is surrounded by beautiful Margalla hills and abundant greenery.

Faisal mosque also known as Faisal Masjid or Shah Faisal Mosque is built in Sector E-7, Islamabad. It is the fourth biggest mosque in the world.

Design of Shah Faisal Mosque Islamabad

Faisal Masjid, Islamabad, designed by the Turk architect, is one of the world’s & Asia’s biggest mosques and reflects a contemporary design located in a serene location and a spectacular piece of Muslim architecture. 

The whole area is decorated with white marble imported from different parts of the world.

The Building was constructed with a design inspired by the Cubic Kaaba in Makkah. It is also related to Bedouin/desert tent. It’s an amazing engineering masterpiece dedicated to the late King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, who generously funded the cost of the project as a gift to the people of Pakistan.

The main hall consists of eight sides/elevations which shape into a tent/marquee. There is no pillar/column in the gigantic main hall, which is 40m high.

Besides, Mosque has of 4  minaret(s). The height of each minaret is 90m (300ft) and the circumference is 10×10 meters. White Marble is mostly used to make it more sanctified.

Faisal Mosque has a Unique design and is different from traditional mosques. 

In 1969, Proposals were made by the Government of Pakistan from architects all around the world through an open competition. A total of 43 different designs were submitted by the architects of 17 countries. Out of this, the design by Mr. Vedat Dalokay, a Turk architect, was selected.

Construction of the mosque was started in 1976 and completed in 1986.

Capacity of Shah Faisal Masjid

The Total area of the site is around 130,000 m2. or 1,400,000 sq. ft. Around 10,000 people can offer prayer in the main hall at a time, while the whole mosque can accommodate about 300,000 worshippers. A Separate area is also designated for proper ablution.


Main Hall opens only during prayer times, i.e. 5 times a day. Only men can enter the main hall, however, there is a separate entrance/lobby for female visitors.

Foreigners and non-Muslims may also visit the Faisal mosque Islamabad, but it is recommended for female visitors to wear a scarf or dupatta to value the sanctity of the place. Visitors / Worshippers have to drop their shoes at the entrance and have to visit barefooted.

A gift shop, a bookshop, and a library can also be found in the vicinity.

International Islamic University is also set up in the territory. Hundreds of students from different countries have enrolled and studying at the University.

Cost of Faisal Mosque

The mosque was totally funded by the Government of Saudia Arabia. King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz’s successor, King Khalid laid down the foundation stone of the mosque and approved and funded the costs. The mosque is also named after King Faisal. 

Shah Faisal Masjid was built at a cost of 130 million Saudi riyals which is approximately equal to 120 million US dollars.

How to Reach Faisal Masjid Islamabad

Faisal Masjid receives visitors from all across the country. Especially, on Fridays (being a special day for Muslims) around 20 to 30 thousand people visit the mosque. Approach to Shah Faisal masjid from Islamabad or Rawalpindi is very convenient & easy. 

Besides conventional taxis & local transport, one can also hire the services of Uber / Careem as well as Bykea (Ride-hailing service).

Shah Faisal Masjid Islamabad is a must-visit place during your stay in the city.

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