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Ansoo Lake: A Tear-Drop in the Mountains of Kaghan

Ansoo Lake (literally meaning Lake of Tears) is a teardrop-shaped lake located in the Kaghan Valley in the Mansehra District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ProvincePakistan.

Location of Ansoo Lake, Kaghan

Located at an altitude of 4,245 meters (13,927 ft) above sea level, it is considered one of the highest lakes in the Himalayas. The lake is located near Malika Parbat, the highest mountain in the Kaghan Valley

The lake owes its name to its teardrop shape; the Urdu word Ansoo means “tear”. The lake was reportedly discovered in 1993 by Pakistan Air Force pilots flying at a relatively low altitude over the area.

Probably the first is the short but more extreme trek from Saiful Mulook Lake. It takes a tough trek to get there from Saiful Mulook Lake. From Mahandri 40 km below Naran there is another trek to Ansoo Lake but it is less trodden and difficulty unknown. Saif-ul-Malook to Ansoo Lake is about a 4-hour trek.

It takes about 20 minutes to reach the top at 14,000 feet where the lake is visible. Apart from horse riding, you can hire a guide to take you to Ansoo Lake from Saif UL Muluk Lake. No other horse has room to ride them. 

The track is dangerous and short and there is no room for other horses. It only takes a few minutes to take a picture of Lake Ansoo because you have to cross a number of glaciers. The lake can be seen beautifully from above and from the other side. Its beauty should be praised by nature lovers.

Route to Ansoo Lake:

Beautiful Ansoo Lake is 13940 feet above sea level. There are two different ways to reach this lake. The first is a short but steeper trek from Saiful Mulook Lake. The round trip to Ansoo Lake from Saiful Mulook Lake takes more than 7-8 hours. 

The trek is covered with snow for most of the year. The best time to trek is from July to August. The optimum time to go to the lake from Saiful Mulook is around 06:00 in the morning to return before sunset. Horses and guides can also be hired at Saif ul Mulook Lake. The other route is from Manoor Valley.

How to reach Ansu Lake:

You can travel by public transport to Naran and walk to Saif-ul-Malook without avoiding jeep rides. While Aanso Lake does not require any jeep as there is no trek but it takes a lot of time. You would have to spend the night at Aanso Lake Base Camp which is directly across Saif-ul-Malook to Ansoo Lake.

Ansoo Lake Track:

Moreover, the trip around Lake Ansuu from Lake Saiful Mulook takes over 12 hours. Moreover, the best time to trek is from July 10 to August 15. The ideal time to embark on the lake from Saiful Mulook is around 06:00 at the beginning of the day. However, ponies can be hired from Saiful Mulook Lake along with a guide who will take you to Ansu Lake.

The first half, which is towards Saiful Malook, is a valley along a waterway that leads up to the Malika Parbat base camp. The second half is a more extreme start from Malika Parbat base camp and ends at Aansoo Lake. This part is connected with trekking on the mountain. Check the climate and season before visiting this place.

How to get to this beautiful lake?

There are two ways to get to this beautiful lake. The distance of Lake Ansoo from Naran is about 11 km one way.

From Saif Ul Malook Lake:

From Saif ul Malook Lake, you can walk to the lake in seven to nine hours. As hiking at night will be difficult, it is recommended to start early in the morning.

You will have two halves of your journey. Through the valley and then from the foot of Malka e Parbat to Lake Ansoo there are roads to Malka e Parbat.

By Mahandri Village:

About 25 miles south of Naran is the village of Mahandri, the second trek you’ll opt for. From Mahandri Bazaar, a jeep goes to Manoor village which is another beautiful place and an amazing thing to see.

A green meadow called Dher appears after about 7 hours of trekking. Lake Ansoo is the last stop on the way.

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