Haramosh Valley Gilgit

Haramosh Valley Gilgit – A dream destination for the Tourists

The Haramosh Valley Gilgit Baltistan is a dream destination for tourists. Especially the majestic hikers, hikers, and nature lovers. The valley is near Gilgit. It is located about 40 miles [65 km] from Gilgit. Seeing the Haramosh valley is a dream come true within a dream. As we walk toward the heights, everything becomes more colorful. For example, Green grows, water becomes fresh and bright. After that, the flowers are fragrant and the sun shines brightly. Its a paradise for nature lovers.

Beauty of Haramosh Valley Gilgit Baltistan

The magnificent splendor of the Haramosh Valley Gilgit adorned with Kutwal Lake and Laila peak is rarely seen by tourists visiting Gilgit-Baltistan. The hike to the Haramosh valley offers a spectacular view of the meadows, rich pastures, snow-capped mountains like Haramosh Peak, the famous Laila Peak, beautiful surrounding villages that attract the Haramosh pass, glaciers, and the emerald Kutwal Lake.

The Haramosh Valley Gilgit, a fascinating nature resort in the beautiful north of Pakistan, is about 40 miles [60 km] east from Gilgit. It is in the middle of the Rakaposhi-Haramosh massif which is the lowest point of Karakoram where Haramosh passes at a height of 4800 meters above sea level.

History of Haramosh Valley

The Swiss team discovered Haramosh Valley in 1947 as it continued its journey along the route and was followed by a German team in 1955, which took the northeast route to reach Haramosh. The Oxford University team also tried to reach Haramosh, but failed due to the deaths of two members. This unsuccessful journey is described by Ralph Barker in his book “The Last Blue Mountain”.

Three Austrian mountaineers successfully climbed Haramosh on August 4, 1958, passing Haramosh La.

Records show that there have been only three other conference attempts, one in 1978 (Japan, West Ridge), the second in 1979 (unknown group), and another in 1988 (Polish, Southwest Face).

Route to Haramosh Valley Gilgit Baltistan

First, we need to get to Sassi. Sassi is a small town on Gilgit-Skardu Road. Only jeeps can travel from Sassi onwards. From Sassi take a jeep to the village of Dassu. It takes 2 days from Dassu to this beautiful valley. It only takes two days due to lack of road.

There is another track to this beautiful village from the Shigar Valley Baltistan region in Gilgit Baltistan. But that trip took about a week. Even hikers should try this place with perfect planning, camping gear, and food, etc. A well-planned trip with a skilled tourist can save a lot of time and help with problems because of any language differences.

Kutton waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall in Neelum valley. It is the 3rd tourist spot in Neelum valley. The actual name of this waterfall is the Kundal Shahi waterfall as it is located in Kundal Shahi village in Neelum valley. Because it’s water is coming from Kutton that’s why it is called Kutton waterfall.

To Haramosh, take the road from Jaglot to Skardu, (Gilgit-Baltistan region) to Sassi town. From Sassi, on a jeep to the village of Dache (Dassu), about 2400m, is an hour’s drive to Haramosh. While driving along the Sassi to Haramosh route, you are likely to encounter strong winds and landslides. The trail is dangerous, and it is a difficult journey.

The jeep track starts 53 kilometers from Gilgit on the Gilgit-Skardu road along the raging Indus River. It is a arduous two-day trek to Haramosh village where you pass through flowing streams, dense pine forest to cross Mani, and snow from Baska to reach Kutwal Village.

Walk from Iskere for an hour in a well-organized area to see the beautiful camping site of Kutwal. From Kutwal Village, the trek continues mostly in the green area for about 1.5 hours to Kutwal Lake.

Height of Haramosh Peak

Haramosh Peak is a 7,409 m high in the Karakoram range of Gilgit-Baltistan of Pakistan. Higher than the northern shore of the Indus, the mountain peak has two peaks, the Haramosh Peak and the Laila Peak. The Austrian team comprises Heini Roiss, Stephan Pauer, and Drs. Franz Mandl first reached the summit of Haramosh in 1958.

Kutwal Lake in Haramosh Valley Gilgit

Kutwal Lake trek. Haramosh Valley

Kutwal Lake, one of the highest lake in the world, at an altitude of 12,500 feet [3260 m], is a major attraction of Haramosh valley Gilgit Baltistan. The lake is surrounded by a number of peaks, including Haramosh Peak, Laila, and the Dinani peaks.

Kutwal once was an amazing lake in the Kutwal valley in the Haramosh district of Gilgit-Baltistan. The vegetation spread across the lake and was surrounded by mountains from all sides. The most important thing about this lake is that it has snow, mountains, forests, and standing around. That makes the lake different from other lakes in Gilgit-Baltistan.

The water is clean, pure and cold. There are reflections of mountains and trees in the water. At the back of the lake stands the hill of Haramosh. The peak is almost 1,700 feet [7400 m] high. If you look at the huge peak of Haramosh it sounds like this peak is talking to us. Lakeside is an excellent camping site for you to enjoy camping. Even you can enjoy swimming in this cold water.

The healthy Haramosh Valley Gilgit can be seen in the glistening waters of Lake Kutwal, which is a spectacular sight.

Laila Peak on the south side of Haramosh Valley is 6096 meters above sea level.

Haramosh Valley Gilgit Mountains

The mountains have some amazing patterns, bright yellow, horizontal. Sassi is a well-known region for its mountain minerals, which include blue gemstones, aquamarine, and hydroxylherderite.

It is mostly a desert area, with spectacular views from time to time of green pastures. The challenging living conditions of the inhabitants are exemplified by the cultivated lands among the large black mountains in the region.

A small waterfall on the way to Lake Kutwal. The water is fresh and cold in the ice. This water shower enhances the beauty of the landscape. The view is amazing when sunlight falls on the water. Visitors rest near the waterfall on their way to Lake Kutwal. The water of the falls refreshes them and helps them overcome their fatigue. haramosh valley gilgit

Haramosh Valley Gilgit Baltistan is a great hiking and camping destination for adventure lovers. Camping near Lake Kutwal, as well as mountain climbing on challenging roads to Haramosh

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