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Exploring the Natural Splendor of Chansar Lake: A Hidden Gem in Kohistan, Pakistan

Chansar Lake is a hidden gem located in the Kohistan district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan. It is a breathtaking destination that offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and a perfect escape from the busy city life.

Elevation of Chansar Lake

Chansar Lake is a stunning water pond located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan. The estimated terrain elevation above sea level is 3690 meters. Chansar Valley is like a cup surrounded by green mountains presenting breathtaking views. Known for its natural beauty, the valley provides a unique sanctuary to a host of migratory birds in summer.

Chansar is a valley of lakes and springs, the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan. It has lush green mountains full of flowers, amazing landscapes, wildlife, and above all brave and hardworking people with high value.

Location of Chansar Lake

Chansar Lake is located near the town of Dubair Bala in Lower Kohistan District, KP Pakistan.

Dubair Bala Lower Kohistan is lesser known to the outer world. There are dense forests, beautiful valleys and full of minerals, waterfalls. The watercolor of the lake is dark blue.

Chansar Lake has all the ingredients that can attract tourists. It is a very beautiful lake. Chansar Valley is a beautiful masterpiece of nature. But due to no access to the area, this lush green and beautiful area is literally invisible to the tourists.

Trek to Chansar Lake

The trek to Chansar Lake is a challenging one and requires a high level of fitness and experience. The trail is steep and rugged, and it takes around 5-6 hours to reach the lake from the base camp. However, the trek is an adventure in itself, as it passes through dense forests, steep ascents, and mountain streams. The trail also offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, which are covered with snow during the winter months.

Once you reach Chansar Lake, you will be greeted by a stunning sight of crystal-clear blue water surrounded by tall mountains. The lake is a vast and serene destination that is perfect for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. The water is so clear that you can see the reflection of the surrounding mountains in it.

If there are means to access the area, then this is no less than other beautiful valleys of Pakistan that witness millions of tourists every year. When you reach there you will feel that is some part of heaven and it is very refreshing. The views are really incredible. Bring jackets and less luggage.

Information about Dubair Bala

The people of Dubair Bala are very hospitable and helpful. There are several small pastures in the area.

Access to Chansar Lake

There is no direct road access to Chansar Lake. A lot of trekking and hiking is required to reach the Chansar Valley. 

Reach a place called Khard at an altitude of 2950m after 2 hours of trekking you will reach a village called Khard at an altitude of 2950m.

To reach Chansar Lake it requires 3 hours of trekking and then hiking is required to reach the lake.

Chansar Lake is also an excellent spot for camping and fishing. The lake is home to a variety of fish, including trout, which makes it a perfect spot for fishing enthusiasts. You can spend your day fishing in the lake, exploring the natural beauty of the valley, or just relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet.

In conclusion, Chansar Lake is a stunning destination that offers a perfect escape from the urban areas. The trek to the lake may be challenging, but it is worth it for the spectacular views and the peaceful atmosphere. If you are planning a trip to Kohistan, do not miss out on the opportunity to visit Chansar Lake. It is a hidden gem that is waiting to be explored.

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