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Daran Beach, Baluchistan’s Best-Kept Secret

Balochistan is famous for its beautiful beaches which are easily accessible via Makran coastal highway but there are more beaches which are unexplored like Daran beach Jiwani Gawadar

It is a WWF-Pakistan Protected Area for turtle nesting. Although it is only a few minutes’ drive from the coastal highway, it is unknown to the average person.

In recent years, tourism in Pakistan has become a major economic asset for people from various remote areas. Government initiative can also make Makran Coastal Highway as another tourist spot where beautiful places like Daran Beach, Astola Island and Kund Malir are located.

Location of Daran Beach:

Daran Beach is located just 30 minutes from the coastal town of Jiwani, which is quite close to Iran. From Karachi, the distance is almost 700 kilometers, which can take up to 10 hours. Check out this Google map for the exact location:

It is a part of Gwadar district, which has become a new destination for travelers in recent years, especially after the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

The road to this beautiful beach is 35 km from Gwadar via Pishukan. The beautiful beach is very popular among tourists because of the beautiful waves and amazing mountain peaks.

Green Turtle Nesting

Daran has become popular because it is one of the few nesting grounds for green turtles, which are considered an endangered species. WWF-Pakistan is working in the area along with members of a nearby village to protect these turtles.

Every year after July hundreds of green turtles come to this safe sandy beach at night. They dig up a sandy beach to lay their eggs and then leave.

After two months, the silence on the beach is broken by the hatching eggs and the newly born turtles slowly return to the sea.

Daran Tak, Shaheed Tak, Deedlo Tak and Picnic Point are four beaches that are separated by steel cliffs and are guarded by local community members who are paid by WWF.

Tourists Attractions at Daran Beach Jiwani Gawadar

The attraction of Daran beach Jiwani Gawadar is clear water, high cliff, sandy beaches and tranquility. Unlike other beaches in Karachi, the sea sides of Balochistan are quite calm.

The view from the high cliff is breathtaking as you can see nothing but the extent of the blue Arabian sea. Watching the sunrise and sunset from these cliffs is an event to remember.

Pictures and photographs of Daran Beach Jiwani Gawadar are very rare as very few outsiders have visited this place, although it is a popular picnic spot for locals.

Currently, there are no cottages, restaurants, hotels, guesthouses or other facilities available in the vicinity. These facilities can only be found in Jiwani or Gwadar city.

The cool breeze and sound of waves at this beach are very popular among tourists. The view of sunrise and sunset on this beach is very beautiful.

Tourists come here in large numbers with friends and family as this beach is one of the best beaches in Balochistan. Tourists also come here for fishing, swimming, boating, and tourists themselves create many opportunities for spending their free time.

This beach is also very popular among tourists due to its beauty and tourists flock here in large numbers. Most tourists like to come here during moonlit nights because the night views of this beach add to its beauty.

You must come to this beautiful beach of Balochistan and camp here with your friends. You will definitely have a lot of fun.

  • Attractions: Its attractions are beautiful hills and waves on the beach.
  • Things to do: Swimming, camping and fishing, and you can create fun opportunities with friends.

Seurity and Safety at Daran Beach Gawadar

The security of the area has improved in recent years with Army, Coast Guard and Navy checkpoints from Karachi to Jiwani.

Currently, no travel agencies and agencies provide tours to this area. The price and cost of the trip will depend on the vehicle and length of stay, as food and accommodation in the area is relatively cheap and affordable.

If you’re considering a beach getaway with your friends and family, then obtaining prior permission from the local community to camp in this area can make for an excellent plan.

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