dhamaka lake

A Beautiful Lake with Strange Name – Dhamaka Lake Utror Valley, Kalam Pakistan

“Dhamaka” which literally means “Explosion” or a Big Surprise is the name of the river bed cum lake which was formed during the flood season when the river was closed due to debris. Nature takes its turn and the wild water has opened its way with a burst hence this place is named as “Dhamaka” lake.

It is a picturesque village that lies on the Utror Valley road and is an ideal spot for trout fishing. Needless to say, the mountains here are covered with dense deodar forests and the dark green color of the forests is always soothing to the eyes.

Location of Dhamaka Lake in Utror Valley Kalam

Dhamaka Lake is located in Utror Valley, about 14 km in distance from Kalam Swat in KP Pakistan. It is a beautiful lake with a strange name!

Dhamaka in Urdu means (explosion) or surprise, you can’t see the lake even from 15 meters on the road until you get out of the car and go down a little hill and your comes across at first sight of a beautiful Lake.

Beautiful Dhamaka Lake in the Swat Valley, located in the north of Pakistan. It has an ancient history, but its recorded history begins with Alexander the Great, who entered Swat in 326 or 327 BC. 

Swat was the home of Buddhism in the past, which spread from there to other parts of Asia (China, Bhutan, Tibet and even Japan). Many monasteries were established here where Buddhist monks lived and Buddhist teachers educated their students.

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