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Gabin Jabba Camping Pods in Pakistan: Unplug and Unwind

The lushest valley in the Swat Valley of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan is known as Gabin Jabba, which is famous for its unique camping pods and peaceful atmosphere. Gabin Jabba camping Pods in Pakistan are located at a distance of about 65 km from the town of Mingora.

Gabeen Jabba is an area in the Swat Valley with green meadows, dense forests, snow-capped mountains, mineral springs, and high peaks. Gabin Jabba, which means honey swamps in the Pashto language, is located approximately 65 km from Mingora on the Swat Matta Sakhra road in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.

Gabin Jabba Height & Distance from Islamabad

At an altitude of 2582 m (8471 ft), Gabin Jabba is reachable in approx. 1 hour 46 min drive from Mingora city and approximately 5 hours at a distance of 389 km (241 mi) from Islamabad, Pakistan. 

This area has some medicinal plants and some researchers are doing research in this area of Swat Valley. Honey bees are found here and the region’s honey is famous throughout Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Gabin Jabba also leads to the famous Daral Lake which is located approximately 500+ meters above Gabin Jabba.

Gabin Jabba is not very famous, but a visit to the place is highly recommended as it offers amazing scenery and a wholesome atmosphere. It’s like heaven on earth, you can see lush meadows surrounded by dense forests on top of the mountain, which is located under snow-capped peaks all around.

Hiking in Gabin Jabba Trek

To reach the top of Gabin Jabba from the base camp, you have to walk for about an hour or you can also hire a 4×4 jeep for only PKR 2500.

But hiking in this amazing place on earth is highly recommended because it will make you feel like you are walking on the moon. Moreover, some adventure seekers try this trekking from the very beginning to make their journey more joyful and memorable. 

Gabin Jabba Weather

The weather here remains cool, calm, nice, and healthy throughout the summer season and turns unfavorable during the winter season due to heavy rain and snow. 

With the help of some private companies and investors, the administration (local government) here is trying to support tourism even in the winter season, by developing this heavenly place and making it easier for tourists.

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The Best time to visit Gabin Jabba

The best time to visit Gabein Jabba is summer, that is, April to September, because it is accessible during the summer season, and the orchards of apples and other seasonal fruits will make your trip more pleasant.

But Travelers should also visit in the winter season, which is possible only by increasing the facilities for tourists and developing and enabling some activities in a safe atmosphere. 

Gabin Jabba Camping Pods in Pakistan

The main reason for the area’s popularity is its latest addition of camping pods from the local government (administration). These wooden camping pods in Pakistan are really very attractive and admirable.
Gabin Jabba camping pods in Pakistan are two beds and four beds with an attached bath, a small sitting area with a light lamp and a small window for scenic views are really fascinating.

Gabin Jabba camping pods in Pakistan were installed in a very lush meadow surrounded by tall trees under the heavens touching the tops, and the sound of the flowing spring that is approaching adds to their beauty.

How do you get to the Camping Pods?

You can hire a 4×4 jeep for a minimal price to get to the base camp as this track is not so suitable for other vehicles but adventure seekers should go for a hike as it is only a 3km track and the most beautiful and amazing in the area.

You can go and stay at the campsite or you can bring your own tent if you wish. If you are visiting with children in winter, especially during the snowy season, then a day trip (or multi-day trip) from the capital of Swat would probably be your best bet, unless you have suitable accommodation sorted there. 

Camp equipment at Camping pods Gabeen Jabba

These beautiful pods are specially designed and available for a family stay with an open-air seating arrangement between the pods. For safety reasons, these camping modules are covered with strong protective walls made of barbed wire.
There is also a kitchen with a chef/cook where you can order food according to your taste. In addition, you can cook for yourself in the kitchen.

This area is becoming very popular due to its lush meadows, dense forests, high snow-capped peaks, and beautiful scenery that can be seen everywhere. Valley is also known here as a tourist center for the locals because it has not been explored by tourists from other regions so it is very clean and amazing until now. 

I urge you to keep this paradise-like place nice and clean as it is now and bring your trash back. Many tourists travel to Swat from Islamabad to enjoy the scenic journey of heaven on earth, so it is our prime duty to preserve this paradise.

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Islamabad to Gabin Jabba

You have to cover a distance of about 295 km from Islamabad to Gabin Jabba via M-1 and then M-16

How to get to Gabin Jabba from Mingora?

To reach Mingora in Swat use the Swat highway, you have two route options to go to Gabin Jabba from Mingora town:

Continue on N-95 (Bahrain Rd) via Manglor and Khwazakhela to Bagh Dehri Rd (1hr 10min / 39.1km), then Bagh Deri Road to Lalkoo Rd (50min / 21.2km) to reach Gabeenn Jabba.

Alternatively, take the Kanju route via Swat River. Take Airport Rd to Bagh Deri Road (1hr 15min / 41.3km) then continue on Bagh Deri Road. Take Lalkoo Rd (43 min 17.7 km) and reach Gabin Jabba.

Both routes have the same approximate distance, but the traffic congestion on the primary route is much higher than on the alternative route. However, if you visit Swat during the peak tourist season, you may experience delays due to traffic jams on both routes. 

Lalko Village – A Gateway to Gabin Jabba

Travel to Gabin Jabba up to its gateway village of Lalko is possible via public transport, private hire, or your own transport. The village of Lalko is where most public transport ends. The further journey from Lalko village to Gabin Jabba is approximately 3 km (1.8 miles) which you can travel with a suitable 4WD or you can choose to hike. 

The route from Lalko village to Gabin Jabba is a bit of an adventure, but definitely safe for hiking whether you are thinking of hiking with a local tour guide or not. Other tourist destinations in the Gabeen Jabba region like Daral Lake, Saidgai Lake (Saidgai Danda), Shago Sar, Saidgai Pass, etc. are quite challenging to travel independently. The routes to these places are not straightforward and go through the ups and downs of the vast jungles and mountains of Swat, hence a local tour guide must be accompanied. 

Gabin Jabba is not very famous, but a visit to Gabin Jabba is highly recommended as it offers amazing scenery and a wholesome atmosphere. It’s like heaven on earth, you can see lush meadows surrounded by dense forests on top of the mountain, which is located under snow-capped peaks all around.

Gabin Jabba Road Condition

Road conditions for traveling are quite good and good. The local government (administration) has built a paved road that allows safe travel towards Gabin Jabba and you can bring your own vehicles of any kind to its base camp.

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