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World’s Famous Milk Tea – How to Make Pakistani Chai

How to make Pakistani Chai recipe can be prepared quickly and easily over the stove just in a few minutes.

With a few ingredients you may have, you can get homemade milk tea (or Chai) from Pakistan. Tips and tricks to make the best cup of Tea are mentioned below.


  1. Clean Drinking Water

  2. Milk

  3. Tea (Loose Leaves)

  4. 1-2 cardamom pods, slightly broken or slightly cardamom powder (if desired)

  5. Sweetener (Sugar etc.), to taste

How to Make Pakistani Chai

  • Put water in a pan over high heat. Once boiled, add tea leaves and cardamom. Reduce heat to medium and gently allow this to stand for a minute or two.
  • Add milk and return the heat to high (or allow the milk to come up by itself).
  • As it begins to boil, the tea will rise into the pan. Remove the pan from the heat before it reaches the top of the pan. Do this a few times to improve the real taste while using the ladle to collect and pour back the chai. Alternatively, once it has boiled, reduce the heat and allow it to boil at the desired temperature (~ 3-5 minutes).
  • Pour this chai through a small sieve into your favorite cups and sweeten using sugar or honey.


One can offer any kind of milk tea with baked goods, cookies (or biscuits as many South Asians call them), or rusk cake.

It can also be served with different types of kebabs and refreshments.

Important Points for How to Make Pakistani Chai

This chai recipe is creamy, frothy, and full of flavor. Here are some reasons why:

  • True Technique:  Have you ever wondered why your tea does not come out as frothy and creamy as the ones you find in small tea shops? Because they use a simple cooking technique. They keep the tea in while it is being cooked, with the movement up and down. This simple cooking creates air in the chai, creating a beautiful foam.

  • Whole Milk: Whole milk or saturated milk is important in this recipe, as it is the one that gives the best flavor and cream in chai. If you are looking for a recipe using steamed milk, try this Karak Chai recipe.
  • No tea bags: This tea is made from really dark tea leaves. Not only does the loose leaf taste great, but it also gives a beautiful golden color to the tea.
  • Added Cardamom: We do not use any extra garam masala here such as cinnamon or ginger. We only need a few caradmom pods, soaked in boiling water and milk. This helps to infuse the milk with that sweet smell.
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