Jag Banal Meadows Kalam

An Alpine Wonderland of Kalam – Jag Banal Meadows Kalam Swat Pakistan

Jag banal Meadows Kalam presents abundant opportunities for adventurers and those longing for peaceful getaways. With the majestic presence of the Five Finger Peaks dominating the landscape, surrounded by expansive green meadows and meandering mountain trails, it offers captivating vistas that encapsulate the essence of Kalam tourism.

Despite its accessibility from Kalam City, the valley known as ‘Jag Banal’ or ‘Jabba’ often goes unnoticed by tourists due to a lack of information about the routes, causing them to miss out on this splendid and heavenly destination.

Location of Jag Banal Meadows Swat

The Jag Banal Meadows lies approximately 10 kilometers away from Kalam, reachable within a 30 to 40-minute drive.

Altitute of Jag Banal Meadows Kalam

The Jag Banal Meadows in Kalam are positioned at an altitude of approximately 3000 meters above sea level.

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