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Shahi Bagh Kalam: Nature’s Serene Haven in the Himalayan Valleys

Shahi Bagh in Kalam presents an irresistible allure for tourists. Its natural beauty is beyond words, evoking a sense of divine charm. This place stands distinct from other tourist destinations in Pakistan, boasting a landscape with unparalleled uniqueness.

Tourism in Shahi Bagh Kalam

With its lush green fields, surrounded by birch trees and clear water streams, Shahi Bagh Valley in the Gabral region of Swat attracts tourists from all over the country.

Shahi Bagh Swat Location

Nestled among towering mountains, approximately 14 km away from Utror and 30 km from Kalam Valley, Shahi Bagh unveils a distinctive landscape to its visitors.

Upon entering the valley, following a challenging two-and-a-half-hour journey through the rugged Gabral mountains, one is truly captivated. There’s no denying the unique allure of this valley in Swat.

Shahi Bagh Height

Tourists have marveled at Shahi Bagh for its distinctiveness among resorts in Pakistan. Positioned at approximately 10,000 feet, nestled amid towering mountains, the valley is encircled by clear water streams, creating an idyllic setting.

The picturesque Shahi Bagh stands gracefully within the lofty mountains, bordered by serene streams that offer a glimpse of paradise on Earth. It resembles a tranquil island, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere, revitalizing the mind and soul. Its serene landscape promises everlasting tranquility and satisfaction.

A sought-after spot for tourists, Shahi Bagh and its valley offers a myriad of delights, accessible from June to September, while snow blankets the area from September to June. While challenging roads might pose obstacles, the sight of this enchanting place captivates the heart, overshadowing any hurdles faced on the way.

Nearby hotels offer accommodation for travelers keen on experiencing the captivating meadows and atmosphere of Shahi Bagh, an essential visit while exploring Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Embarking on the road from Kalam town toward Mahudand Lake, a dense forest emerges. Within this forest lies a crucial junction marked by a checkpoint, signifying the path leading to our destination.

Selecting the correct path is pivotal in reaching the destination. A lengthy, arduous journey might lead astray, if the right path isn’t chosen, emphasizing the importance of navigation toward achieving our goal.

Route to Shahi Bagh Kalam

Shahi Bagh boasts two primary routes for access. One leads via the Kalam-Utror-Gabral road, typically taken while journeying from Kalam to Kumrat Valley. The other route stems from Upper Dir when traveling from Kumrat to Kalam. As you navigate from Kalam toward the Ushu Valley, crossing the Utrar River, a junction appears after 3 km, nestled amidst a lush forest of Cedrus Deodara, also known as the Himalayan Cedar or Deodar, Pakistan’s national tree. This juncture, named Plain Forest Kalam, offers an exquisite spot for tourists.

At this junction, the right path leads to the Ushu Valley, while the left trails toward Utraru or Utroru. Following the Utrar Valley road, characterized by its rough terrain, demands a sturdy vehicle, particularly the 4 km stretch from Utror to Gabral Bridge. While the road is presently undergoing construction and slated for potential completion by 2024, it aligns alongside the Utrar River, featuring numerous bends that heighten the journey’s intrigue.

Within Shahi Bagh lies a 300-year-old forest housing a remarkable Birch tree. This tree is of exceptional significance, as its inner bark was historically used as paper for documenting crucial manuscripts across various cultures before the widespread use of paper. This unique tree adds to the allure of Shahi Bagh and is a rarity in Pakistan.

For visitors seeking accommodation, there are currently no managed facilities for overnight stays or rest. Exploring the area is best enjoyed before sunset, although camping at Shahi Bagh presents an excellent option for tourists interested in an extended stay.

Eating Options at Shahi Bagh

In Shahi Bagh, several small wooden lodge hotels offer local cuisine and beverages at exceptionally reasonable prices. While there are no regulated or upscale restaurants.

Top attractions at Shahi Bagh, Swat

What attracts tourists from all over Pakistan to Shahi Bagh, below is a list of the best attractions and amenities that can be enjoyed while visiting Shahi Bagh.

  • Stream of fresh and clean water
  • Small and medium-sized waterfalls
  • Boating in a fresh stream of water
  • Mini lush green island (nice camping spot)
  • Birch forest around the site
  • Meadows
  • Trout fish (You can fish for trout or drag with trawls)
  • The lush green valley with captivating natural scenery/landscape
  • High peaks of humid mountains with dense forests with tall towers of Deodar and other nature
  • Cold weather
  • Simple access
  • Still organic sites
  • Local rare organic food KPK
  • Still the cheapest and least visited destination

Tourist attractions near Shahi Bagh

Here are some renowned spots worth exploring to elevate your adventure:

Plain Forest Kalam (Jungle Point): Located just 3 km from Kalam, this dense Deodar forest is an ideal spot for captivating photography.

Blue Sangham Park & Hotel: Positioned 4 km from Kalam’s Plain Forest, it’s the meeting point of Utror River and Bankhawar River. You can capture stunning scenes on the bridge, relishing the soothing sounds of the rivers. Amenities include a tea bar, tuck shop, and WC, along with charpoy seating by the riverbank.

Suspension Bridge: A beautiful bridge awaits just a 2 km drive from Sangham Park, offering picturesque views.

Gabral Kalam Hydro Project: Located 9 km from Kalam’s Plain Forest, this project area boasts scenic vistas on the opposite river bank.

Dhamaka Lake: Positioned 3.5 km before Utror, this serene spot offers a tranquil river bed with a lake, ideal for a peaceful break during the journey to Shahi Bagh. Refreshments and a tea bar are available.

Lake Kandol: A mesmerizing emerald-blue lake encircled by snow-capped mountains, requiring a four-hour trek from the Utror riverbank along a stony and sandy path.

Gulshan Valley Park: Situated on the riverbanks near Utror town, this park exudes captivating beauty.

Various Points Along Utror River: Discover scenic viewpoints along the Utror River, perfect for capturing stunning photographs.

Tourist activities in Shahi Bagh

  • Camping on the island
  • Swimming in freshwater
  • Boating on the Gabral River
  • Bar B Que
  • Hunting
  • Trout fishing
  • Trout fishing with trawl nets
  • Cycling
  • Trekking / Hiking
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