lady finger mountain peak in hunza valley gilgit

Lady Finger Mountain Peak in Hunza Valley Gilgit: A Majestic Gem in Gilgit, Pakistan

Lady Finger Mountain peak in Hunza Valley Gilgit also known as Bublimotin, Bubli Motin, or Bublimating is a unique rock spire in Batura Muztagh, just southwest of the Karakoram range in Pakistan.

The Lady Finger Mountain Peak in Hunza Valley Gilgit, Pakistan is famous for its unique shape. The shape of the peak looks like a beautiful finger of a lady when one sees the mountain from the distance.

Lady Finger Mountain Peak In Hunza Valley Gilgit Location

Lady Finger Peak is located on the southwest edge of the Ultar Sar massif, southeast of the larger Batura Muztagh groups. The whole massif rises rapidly over the Hunza Valley to the southeast.

Lady Finger Mountain Height

Bublimotin is a sharp, ice-free rock, in the middle of nearby peaks, though with a slight ridge above the saddle and nearby Hunza Peak. It offers an elevation of 6,000 meters (20,000 ft) (in the most sensitive alpine form) and has become a remarkable paragliding area.

Local History of Lady Finger Mountain

A fascinating legend about the peak (Bubli mo Ting literally means’ Bubli peak) is that Kisar, the (magical) prince of Baltistan, came to Hunza on one of his adventures and married a princess, named Bubli.

When he received news that his first wife in Baltistan, Langabrumo, had been abducted (phut or deu, another source says, but according to Lorimer’s letter the foreign king), he immediately made arrangements to travel and rescue her. He took Bubli to this mountain, (later named after him), and gave him a sack of grain and a hen or a chicken (a Qarqamuts). 

He must have asked when – and when – he would return, and he said to him: “Every year give the chicken one to eat. When the sack is empty, I will come back. Until then, stay here.” He left, and they said Bubli was still waiting.

The valley offers spectacular views of some of the most beautiful and spectacular mountains in the world, including Rakaposhi 7,788 feet high, Hunza Peak, and the famous 6,000-foot-tall Ladyfinger mountain which is very similar to the female finger.

The friendly locals and the amazing scenery of the surrounding mountains made my trip to the famous Altit tourist destination very memorable.

Route to Lady Finger Peak

Islamabad to Chillas

Travel time from Islamabad to Chillas is around 11/12 hours. The distance of Chillas from Islamabad is around 353 km via Naran and Babusar Top.

Babusar Top also called Babusar Pass is a high mountain passage located at a height of around 4173 meters or 13,691 ft.

Babusar Top is the highest passage in the Kaghan Valley.  This pass is the main link between Kaghan Valley and Chillas.

Chillas to Karimabad

Karimabad is a town in Hunza Valley Gilgit Baltistan. Road travel distance from Chillas to Karimabad is around 240 km in the mountainous area. It will take around 5 to 6 hours to reach Karimabad in Hunza Valley from Chillas.

On the way, there is a junction point where three great mountain ranges i.e. Karakoram, Hindukush, and Himalaya, meet.

Karimabad to Ultar Meadows

To journey from Karimabad to Ultar Meadows, you’ll embark on a trek lasting approximately 4 to 5 hours.

The trek to Ultar Meadows commences close to the renowned Baltit Fort in Karimabad. Initially, the trail is characterized by its challenging steepness and can be quite slippery.

Ultar Meadows awaits you at an elevation of 3,270 meters, promising breathtaking views and the serenity of nature.

Ultar Meadows to Lady Finger Peak Base Camp

You can anticipate a trekking duration of approximately 3 to 4 hours to journey from Ultar Meadows to the Lady Finger base camp.

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