Valley of Lakes and Colory Waters, Ghizer Valley – Gilgit Baltistan – 2022

Introduction to Ghizer Valley Gilgit

Ghizer Valley is a very beautiful and scenic place with abundant natural resources and breathtaking views. Ghizer district has several valleys and lakes. 

It is a lush green mountainous area with colorful water streams and stunning landscapes.


Ghizer Valley

Location of Ghizer Valley

Ghizer Valley is located in the North of Gilgit Baltistan. China is on North of Ghizer whereas Chitral lies on its West side. Wakhan Area is located on its North West.

Ethnicity of Ghizer Valley

There are different ethnicities settled in Ghizer valley district. Among several languages being spoken in the area, four are main and widely spoken languages. Which are ShinaWakhiKhowar and Burushaski.


Phunder Lake is the most famous and main tourists attraction in the valley. Phunder Lake is fomous for trout as Trout is available in abundance in the Lake.

Ghizer Valley, phander valley gilgit

Shandur Pass connects Ghizer with Chitral (Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Province). Shandur is famous for polo ground which is the highest polo ground in the world.

More Information about Ghizer Valley

Gahkuch is the capital of Ghizer. It lies on the west of Gilgit.  Ghizer is also a cross-roads to China and Tajikistan via Broghul pass.

Ghizer of Gherz means “refugee or migrant” in khowar language.

Traditional and folk dress of Ghizer are khoi and shokah. Shokah is a long cloak made up of woll. It has long sleeves and reach / long upto ankles. whereas, Khoi is a wool hat or head gear made up of wool mainly.

Valley is mainly known for its beautiful lakes and stunning landscapes. Ghizer is a center place for different valleys in the district like Phunder valley, Yasin valley. Ponial valley etc.

It lies in  the most famous and stunning mountain ranges in the world known as Hindukush and Karakuram ranges.


Highest Peak in Ghizer Valley

Koyo zoom is the highest peak in Ghizer valley. It stands at 6,871 meters tall. Koyo Zoom peak lies on the Hindu kush mountain range on the border between ghizer and chitral valley (khyber pakhtunkhawa).

Main tourist attractions near Ghizer Valley are Koh-i-Ghizer, Golaghmuli valley, Phunder valley etc. A river also flows through the valley which is known as Ghizer river. River is formed from Gupis and Ishkoman rivers.


Distance of Ghizer Valley from Gilgit

Distance from Gilgit to Ghizer river is 115 kilo meters. It takes around 3 to 4 hours to travel between Gilgit and Ghizer by car. Best time to visit Ghizer valley is May to July having a best weather in the year. 

As the days will be warm and nights a bit cool, nearly perfect weather for enjoyment and relaxing.


To sum-up, ghizer valley is like a heaven on earth and is a serene place to visit. Ghizer District is know for its cold, clear and colourful waters.

Places to Visit in Ghizer Valley

Following are the most attractive places located in Ghizer Valley district.

Phander Valley

Ghizer Valley, phander valley gilgit

Gupis Valley

khalti lake

Yasin Valley


Punial Valley


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