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Lalazar Valley Naran: A Colorful Paradise in Pakistan

Lalazar Valley in Naran is an enchanting hill station that should be on every traveler’s itinerary. Its outstanding natural landscapes and lush green surroundings make it a top attraction in the region. The sheer beauty of this area is truly captivating. For those exploring the Kaghan Valley, a visit to the verdant meadows of Lalazar is a dream come true.

Lalazar Valley Naran Kaghan Location

Lalazar Valley is the second most frequented destination for tourists in Naran, with Saiful Muluk being the first choice. Situated at the opposite end of Saiful Muluk Lake, beyond a mountain, it is approximately 21 kilometers from Naran via Battakundi and rests at an elevation of 3,200 meters. The journey to Lalazar is an exciting half-day jeep ride filled with twists and turns.

Access to Lalazar Valley Naran is granted through a narrow, unpaved jeep track that ascends from Battakundi. This path is a typical Pakistani mountain road with mountains on one side and a deep “Khud” (valley) on the other, where the Kunhar River flows.

Lalazar Valley is graced with vibrant alpine flowers in spring and summer, set amidst refreshing pine forests. It stands out as the most picturesque hill station in Kaghan Valley, featuring meadows and dense pine groves. The extensive green plateau offers a splendid view of the valley below.

The early morning views at sunrise are truly breathtaking, and you can find several small eateries serving breakfast and snacks. The local way of life is simple and the people are welcoming. On a clear sunny day, you may be able to catch a glimpse of the snow-capped “Falak Sonia” peak from Lalazar. Like many other places in Kaghan Valley, this peak has its own enchanting legend. You can also observe the Kunhar River meandering thousands of feet below your elevated vantage point.

Meaning of Lalazar

The name “Lalazar” is of Persian origin and is a combination of two words: “Lal,” which means “tulip,” and “Azar,” which means “place” or “abode.” So, “Lalazar” roughly translates to “Place of Tulips” or “Abode of Tulips.” This name is often used for locations in the region that are known for their scenic beauty and may be adorned with tulip flowers.

Adventurous Jeep Ride to Lalazar

Reaching Lalazar Valley Naran involves a thrilling and somewhat perilous jeep ride, navigating through a network of sharp turns and switchbacks. For those who are avid hikers, there’s an alternative route—a five-hour hike that takes you over the pass from Saiful Muluk Lake. It’s advisable to consider hiring a guide for this challenging hike.

The prime time to visit these enchanting meadows is in early to mid-summer. During this period, the snowmelt in the meadows creates the perfect environment for the lush vegetation to flourish, while the mountain peaks retain their captivating snow-capped appearance.

There are two distinct ways to reach the meadows. The first route follows a jeep track, allowing travelers to ride in a jeep that ascends a steep trail leading to the top of the Lalazar plateaus.

The second option is a trek that enables tourists to access the meadows by ascending a steep pass as they traverse through a region near Safi ul Malook Lake. This trek typically takes around six to seven hours, especially for newcomers, and it’s essential to have the right equipment to ensure a safe and enjoyable trekking experience.

Lalazar Height

Lalazar Valley Naran, situated at an impressive altitude of 3,123 meters (10,246 feet) above sea level, can be found in the Mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The journey to reach this destination is not for the faint of heart, as it tests the skill and courage of every driver.

The challenging route leading to the upper Kaghan Valley, famously known as Lalazar Road, is situated southwest of Batakundi. To find this road, you should take a right turn before reaching the village when coming from Naran. The road stretches for 4.2 kilometers (2.6 miles) and offers breathtaking scenery, picturesque views of pine forests, and delightful weather. It’s a quintessential Pakistani mountain road with hills on one side and the Kunhar River on the other. Notably, Lalazar Valley Naran is in close proximity to the renowned Babusar Pass.

This journey has proven to be a humbling experience for many travelers. It’s not suitable for inexperienced drivers and should be undertaken with great caution. The ride is an exhilarating jeep adventure filled with numerous twists and turns. During the summer season, the road can get quite congested, with numerous hairpin bends leading to the summit. It’s essential to be aware that the road is exceptionally narrow and steep, with a distance of 4.2 kilometers and an elevation gain of 431 meters.

Road Travel to Lalazar

The northern regions of Pakistan are renowned for their natural beauty, and among these spectacular places, Lalazar Valley Naran stands out as one of the most stunning. Situated near Naran, reaching this destination requires more than a regular vehicle; you’ll need to rent a jeep or join an organized trip to access this pristine location.

The journey to Lalazar Valley Naran begins on the Mansehra-Naran-Babusar-Chillas highway, heading towards Babusar. The drive is a captivating experience in its own right, with the picturesque Kunhar river flowing along the left side of the route and the mountains covered in lush alpine forests on the right.

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