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Kundol Lake – A Crystal Gem in the Heart of the Hindu Kush

Kundol Lake also referred to as Kundol Dand, is a lake in Swat Valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, located in the North of Utror Valley. Distance from Kalam to Kundol Lake Swat is 20.8 kilometers (12.9 mi). 

A popular local legend surrounding the lake tells of a golden bowl that supposedly emerges in the center of the lake every night, radiating a luminous glow resembling the moon. Despite its mesmerizing appearance, locals are wary of approaching the bowl, attributing it to the lake’s mystical and potent enchantments.

Kundol Lake SwatLocation and Height

Kundol Lake is a pristine gem nestled amidst the lofty peaks of the Hindu Kush Mountains, cradled at an elevation of 9,950 feet. Situated north of Utror, it is ensconced by majestic snow-clad summits and lush green foliage. To journey to the lake from Ladu, you can easily follow the expansive stream originating from the lake, which eventually converges with the Swat River in the Kalam Valley.

This route meanders alongside the stream, guiding you to the unspoiled Kundol Lake, treating your senses to lush emerald forests, picturesque panoramas, and cascading waterfalls along the way. The mountains encircling the lake are adorned with luxuriant vegetation, further enhancing the lake’s natural allure.

During the summer season, numerous camping sites are available at different tiers surrounding Kundol Lake, accommodating both tourists and nature enthusiasts.

Kundol Lake primarily owes its existence to the melting glaciers and natural springs of the Hindu Kush mountain range, serving as a vital source for the Khwar River, the primary right tributary of the Swat River.

Access to Kundol Lake

Kundol Lake is accessible during the summer months, as the icy conditions render the roads impassable during the winter. It can be reached by an unpaved road from Kalam or Utror using a four-wheel-drive vehicle, and the connecting road leads to the enchanting Ladu Valley at the mountain’s base.

Previously, jeeps provided transportation to the upper village of Ladu, but due to floods and heavy rains, the bridges and jeeps have been destroyed. The journey from the base of the mountain to the lake takes approximately 2 to 3 hours. In the Ladu Valley, there are small refreshment huts where you can enjoy tea and grab a bite to eat.

Attractions at the Kundol Lake

Hiking is an alternative way to access the green Ladu Valley, offering an even more enjoyable and adventurous journey. The hike begins in Utror and concludes in Ladu, where you’ll find a hut for a refreshing cup of tea.

In the vicinity of Kundol Dand Lake, you’ll be treated to magnificent mountain vistas, with tall cedar and pine trees adorning the surrounding hills. You can also spot the nearby Khapiro Lake and Spin Khwar, known as White Stream Lake, situated on the fringes of the serene Kundol Lake.

The lake bears a striking resemblance to Saifulmaluk Lake in Gilgit. Both lakes are nearly identical in size and appearance, and their locations and surroundings are remarkably similar. While one is widely renowned, the other remains hidden in the romantic mountains and meadows of the Swat Valley. It is essential for tourism authorities to raise awareness about the lake and arrange special tours to introduce this unique natural wonder to all.

As night falls, the ambiance undergoes a dramatic transformation. The night sky becomes incredibly clear, revealing even the tiniest of stars to the naked eye. During a full moon, the soft, cool glow of the moonlight magically alters the entire atmosphere.

Panoramic constellations of stars twinkle and glisten in the crystal-clear sky. The moon’s reflection gently glides on the lake’s surface, the towering silhouettes of cedar trees, and the profound silence reinforce the sense that this place is the domain of fairies, with humans being the outsiders.

The enchanting surroundings evoke images of mystical locations from Greek mythology, inhabited and ruled by giants, goblins, ghosts, and fairies.

The landscapes at dawn are incredibly captivating and contemplative, sure to inspire individuals with an aesthetic sense to immortalize these moments.

The brilliant sun rays, the gentle morning breeze, the distant calls of mysterious birds, the sparkling blue waters of the lake, and the tranquil atmosphere are nature’s countless gifts to keen and sensitive observers.

Kundol Lake is indeed a terrestrial haven for relaxation, providing respite from the demands of everyday life. It is a paradise for nature lovers, where nature remains untarnished, the sky remains pure, and the water remains crisp and sparkling.

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