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Have You Ever Travelled from Kalam to Kundol Lake Swat Pakistan

Kundol Lake also referred to as Kundol Dand, is a lake in Swat Valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, located in the north of Utror Valley. Distance from Kalam to Kundol Lake swat is 20.8 kilometers (12.9 mi). 

There may be a well-known local story about a lake that says that every night of the month, a golden bowl appears in the middle of the lake and shines like the moon, but no one ever touches the bowl because of the magical powers inside the lake.

Location and route from Kalam to Kundol lake Swat, Pakistan

Water entrance to Kundol Lake

Kundol Lake lies in the lap of the Hindu Kush Mountains at an altitude of 9,950 feet, in the north of Utror, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and towering bushes. The direction to the lake from Ladu can also be easily adjusted as a huge circulation flows from the lake and joins the Swat river in the Kalam valley

It leads next to the stream to and will lead you to the lake. Lush inexperienced forests, scenic spots and gushing waterfalls welcome you along the way. The mountains across the lake are protected by a useful source of dense vegetation that adds tons to the beauty of the lake. 

The edges of the Kundol lake operate for tourists in several stages during the summer season online camping website.

Kundol Lake is fed by the melting glaciers and springs of the Hindu Kush mountain. It offers a climb to the Khwar foothills, the most important right tributary of the Swat River.

Access to Kundol Lake

Kundol Lake is most effective out there at some point in the summer season; within the ice route, roads are closed due to heavy snow. It can be reached via an unpaved road from Kalam as well as Utror in a 4-wheeler in which the hyperlink road goes to the unexperienced valley known as Ladu at the base of the mountain. 

Earlier, jeeps used to transport to a better village known as Ladu, but now the bridges and jeeps are destroyed due to floods and rains. The time of one track takes 2 to 3 hours to the lake. 

There are also small refreshment huts in the Ladu Valley where you can have tea and get some factor to consume. It takes almost four to six hours to harvest the lake from Lad. The spherical mountains of this small valley are protected by tall cedar and pine bushes.

You can also reach the green Ladu valley by hiking. Your journey will thus become even more pleasant and adventurous. Hiking should start from Utror and then end in Lad. This Ladu has a hut inside it from where you can also enjoy tea.

Around this Kundol Dand lake you will see the mountains around it. Trees were scattered around her. You will also see grass along with dense vegetation. You will also catch a glimpse of Khapiro lake and Spin khwar which is also a White Stream lake. They are on the edge of this subdued Kundol lake.

The lake looks like an exact duplicate of Saifulmaluk Lake in Gilgit. Both lakes are almost the same size and appearance. The location and surroundings of both the lakes are almost identical but one is famous but the other is still hidden in the romantic mountains and grasslands of Swat valley. Tourism authorities need to wake up to promote the lake and organize special tours to get to know this rare gift of nature for all.

The atmosphere changes dramatically when night falls. The sky at night is extremely clear and the smallest star can be seen with the naked eye. During the full moon, the dim and cool light of the bright moon transforms the entire atmosphere like magic. 

Panoramic galaxies of stars twinkle and sparkle in the crystal clear sky. The slowly gliding reflection of the moon in the lake, the tall silhouettes of the towering cedar trees and the eerie silence re-emphasise the concept that this place is an abode of fairies where human beings are aliens. 

The charming surroundings are reminiscent of haunted places in Greek mythology, inhabited and ruled by giants, goblins, ghosts and fairies.

Landscapes at early dawn are so impressive and thought-provoking that a person with an aesthetic sense will surely make the moments eternal with their gifted skills. 

The brilliant rays of the rising sun, the cool waves of the morning breeze, the distant calls of mysterious birds, the sparkling blue water of the lake and the silent atmosphere are the innumerable gifts of nature offered to the keen and sensitive observer. 

Kundal Lake is truly a place on earth to relax and leave behind the worries of everyday hectic and busy life. It is a nature lover’s paradise where the nature is clean and pristine, the sky clear and clean and the water fresh and sparkling.

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