Pir Sohawa Valley

Best Hotels and Resorts in Pir Sohawa Valley Islamabad

Hotels and resorts in Pir Sohawa Valley Islamabad are a fast-growing tourist destination located at around 17 kilometers (11 mi) from Islamabad city center on the Margalla Hills. 

It has an altitude of 3000 plus ft and is located in the Valley which is part of the Haripur District geographically.

What attracts you to Visit Hotels and Resorts in Pir Sohawa Valley, Islamabad

PirSohawa is a holiday destination in the beautiful valleys of the Margalla Mountains some 4,000 feet [4800 m] above sea level. 22 km from Islamabad Zoo.

Hotels and Resorts in Pir Sohawa Valley are an ideal place for lunch and dinners with a spectacular view of the capital city of Islamabad. The high ceilings offer rich food and menus and are great to taste. The road to Pir Sohawa is also very interesting and birds and monkeys can be seen in the trees and in the corner of the lounge.

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is considering turning different hotels and resorts in Pir Sohawa Valley into a potential tourist destination such as Murree.

A number of hotels and resorts in Pir Sohawa Valley will be established to attract tourists from inside and outside the country as Pir Sohawa is one of the most peaceful places in the country.

The decision was made during a visit by CDA Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed and the Assistant Prime Minister to Pakistani Overseas and Staff Development Syed Zulfiqar Abbas Bukhari.

Mr Ahmed referred to Daman-i-Koh, Pir Sohawa, and its environs as a rare gift of God to Islamabad.

He has issued instructions to various administrative centers to establish additional hotels and resorts in Pir Sohawa Valley for guests in the area. He also instructed them to monitor the cleanliness of the area without increasing the number of sanitation workers and installing additional drums.

The CDA chairperson said it was the responsibility of the community center to take care of the vegetation and ensure the cleanliness of the area.

“This area has a tourist environment not only for the residents of the capital but also for the whole country and abroad,” he said. Giving instructions to the Department of Roads Rehabilitation, he said the work of repairing, carving, and marking the route at Daman-i-Koh should be completed as soon as possible.

There were also officers from the Road Maintenance, Sanitation, Environmental, Streetlights, and other departments.

A CDA official added that Pir Sohawa was one of the state’s most beautiful places in the state and that most of the dignitaries who visited Islamabad were taken there. Pir Sohawa is a fast-growing tourist destination located on the top of Margalla Hills.

According to the official CDA website, Margallas is a series of hills north of Islamabad. These mountains are an ideal place for hiking.

The best time to hike here is the cool winter months when the rainfall is low and the days are very pleasant. Interesting places here are Daman-i-Koh, Pir Sohawa, Gokeena, Mount Happiness, and Loh-i-Dandi.

The area also has an abundance of wildlife such as barking deer, wild boar, Asian leopard, chinkara, red fox, leopard, and foxes.

Enjoy the amazing views of Islamabad and Faisal Mosque at Pir Sohawa. Located in Margalla Hills, the area offers selected restaurants, offering a calm atmosphere while viewing the beautiful scenery. Located 17 km (11 mi) from Islamabad at an altitude of 1524 m (5000 ft), this area offers a combination of peaceful nature and excellent views of the city, creating a magical place day and night, in which the city. lights add to the atmosphere. A visit to Pir Sohawa represents just the beginning of the journey when you use our Haripur tour planning site to plan your vacation.

Pir Sohawa is the most famous and beautiful place near Islamabad. There is a short walk from Pir Suhawa to the highest hill with breathtaking views of the Presidency, the National Assembly, Rawal LakeHotel SerenaFaysal Masjid.

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