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Mighty 22, Matiltan Waterfall: Nature’s Hidden Cascade in Pakistan

Swat Valley is renowned worldwide for its breathtaking natural landscapes, replete with picturesque beauty, lakes, waterfalls, valleys, and archaeological sites. Among these stunning locations, the Mighty 22 Matiltan Waterfall in Kalam, Swat Valley, stands as a true gem.

This magnificent waterfall is also known by the names Matiltan Waterfall and Ushu Waterfall. It is located on the route to Mahudand Lake in the Matiltan Valley, situated amidst the Ushu glaciers on the eastern side. The journey to reach this wondrous destination is approximately two hours from Kalam.

Visitors are in for a delightful surprise as they make their way to the Mahudand Lake because the Mighty 22 Matiltan Waterfall reveals itself unexpectedly along the route, just a half-hour’s drive before reaching the enchanting Mahudand Lake. This captivating natural wonder serves as an unexpected and delightful highlight for those on their journey to Mahudand.

Mighty 22 Matiltan Waterfall Kalam Location

Matiltan is positioned approximately 11 kilometers away from Kalam. It’s a region characterized by immense glaciers, thick forests, and towering mountain summits. From Matiltan, you can catch a breathtaking view of the highest peak, Mount Falaksair, which stands at an impressive height of 5957 meters.

While Matiltan is undoubtedly an amazing place, it’s worth noting that the journey to reach it can be quite challenging. The road to Matiltan is rugged and filled with rough off-road terrain, making the travel an exhausting experience that can take its toll.

Kalam to Matiltan Waterfall

Nestled in the northern upper reaches of the Swat Valley, Kalam Valley is situated at a distance of 99 kilometers (62 miles) from Mingora in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). It is positioned alongside the Swat River, and this region has garnered immense popularity as a sought-after tourist destination, renowned for its majestic mountains, lush forests, and pristine lakes.

One of the notable attractions in Kalam Valley is a captivating waterfall that beckons visitors with the melodious sound of falling water and the refreshing spray as it cascades onto the rocks below. To reach this waterfall, you’ll embark on a steep 10-minute hike. However, it’s important to note that the road leading to this natural wonder is quite bumpy and remains underdeveloped, which necessitates the hiring of a car from Kalam to access the site.

Women should be aware that the availability of proper, hygienic toilets can be a challenge in certain areas. It is crucial that government and tourism authorities take this matter into consideration and work towards establishing public restroom facilities. Women often face significant difficulties in such situations, and addressing this issue is essential for ensuring a more comfortable and inclusive experience for all visitors.

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