mighty 22 matiltan waterfall kalam

Breathtaking Mighty 22 Matiltan Waterfall Kalam in Swat Valley Pakistan

Swat Valley is famous for its natural beauty all over the world. The valley is full of scenic beauty, lakes, waterfalls, valleys and archaeological sites. One of these beautiful places is Mighty 22 Matiltan Waterfall Kalam in Swat Valley.

Mighty 22 Waterfall is also known as Matiltan Waterfall and Ushu Waterfall.

Mighty 22 Matiltan Waterfall Kalam comes on the way to Mahudand Lake in the Matiltan Valley at the glaciers, Ushu on the eastern side. It is about two hours from Kalam. People enjoy the waterfall when they go to Mahudand because it is unexpected on the way. The waterfall comes just half an hour before Mahudand Lake.

Mighty 22 Matiltan Waterfall Kalam Location

Matiltan is located about 11 km from Kalam. It is a place of great glaciers, dense forests and lofty mountain peaks. The highest peak of Mount Falaksair (height 5957 m) can be seen from here.

Amazing place, but the road of terrible and hour full offroad will make you very tired.

Kalam to Matiltan Waterfall

Kalam Valley is located at a distance of 99 km (62 mi) from Mingora in the northern upper reaches of the Swat Valley along the banks of the Swat River in Kpk. The area has become a popular tourist attraction known for its mountains, forests and lakes.

A beautiful waterfall draws you in with the sound of falling water and the spray as the water hits the rocks. It’s like a 10 minute steep hike if you want a closer look. But to get there you will have to hire a car from Kalam as the road is bumpy and not built yet. 

WOMEN SHOULD KNOW THAT YOU WILL NOT FIND PROPER HYGIENIC TOILETS. Government and tourism authorities should consider this and make public toilets because women really struggle there!,

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