Jarogo Banda Waterfall in Matta Swat

The Highest Waterfall in Pakistan – Jarogo Banda Waterfall in Matta Swat – KP

Jarogo Banda Waterfall in Matta Swat is a hidden tourist spot located in a deep forest in the west of Tehsil Matta, District Swat on the way of Fazal Banda and Biha. It is a lush green valley surrounded by mountains with deep forests. 

It is about 30 km away from Matta and 54 km away from Mingora. It is an unknown hidden paradise for common tourists in Swat Valley with lush green meadows, dense mysterious forests, snow clad mountains, cool mineral springs and lofty peaks.

Location and Height of Jarogo Banda Waterfall in Matta Swat

Jarogo Falls also known as Jarogo Banda Falls is a waterfall located in Matta Tehsil, Swat District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan.

It is also known as the highest waterfall of Pakistan. It is about 30 kilometers (19 mi) from Matta Tehsil and 53 kilometers (33 mi) from Mingora.

The area is rich in medicinal plants and most researchers conduct their research in this area of Swat valley.

Jarogo Falls Name Meaning

The word Jarogo means broom in Pashto, but its history dates back to the antiquity of the Hindu Shahi period in Swat. There lived a Hindu woman named Jarogai who was widely known and respected in the surrounding areas, so people named her after her.  Jarogo Banda Waterfall in Matta Swat

Jarogo Valley In Tehsil Matta Swat

The Jarogo Valley region is closely connected with the picturesque Village Fazal Band which is located in the north of the region and serves as the gateway to the Jarogo Valley, it is the first on the road before the Jarogo Vallay from where it is accessible via ATVs to the Chatekal Valley about 5 km from Fazal Band. 

After a 20 minute ride to Chatekal on four wheelers, a footpath starts that leads to the next place, namely Yagg Bela from the road to Jorogo, and it splits into two routes, one of which leads to the Jarogo waterfall, which is the highest waterfall in Pakistan, and one it leads directly to the meadows of Jarogo Valley. 

The track leading to the Jarogo waterfall can be covered in 1 hour without a break, and the other path that leads to the Jarogo valley can be covered in 1.5 hours without a break. Jarogo Banda Waterfall in Matta Swat

Fazal Banda and Biha Valley is located on the western headwaters of Matta Tehsil in Swat Valley, at a distance of 48 km from the district headquarters Saidu Sharif, which is a lush green, densely forested zone covered with alpine pastures and receives heavy snowfall in the winter season.

A trout hatchery is also located in Biha Vallay on the way to Doghalgay side which has a special species of trout i.e. brown trout.

It is the most beautiful picturesque resort than the usual visiting place in Swat valley but due to negligence of high authorities and lack of proper connecting road the place is shrouded in darkness of shame. The region has a great tourist attraction, but it needs to be developed, which will not only open new avenues for visitors, but also provide economic benefits to the local people.

Route & Distance to Jarogo Waterfall

It will take 1-2 hours from Beha to the start of the hike to the Jarogo waterfall. It will be quite obvious when you arrive at the entrance with its colorful flags, ATV ads and small restaurant. But due to construction on the road between Beha and Jarogo, you may have to walk a little further to get to the trailhead.

With the stream as your guide, it’s about an hour’s hike from the Jarogo Falls entrance. Get ready to get your feet wet. There are several places along the trail where you will have to jump over rocks to cross the river.

Towards the end of your hour-long hike, you’ll be greeted by the roar of the cascading river as you begin to approach the waterfall. After a few rides in a cramped van, hanging on the back of a truck and finally a short walk, the view of the Jarogo waterfall is worth it.

With towering trees, massive boulders and moss-covered cliffs, it almost feels like you’re watching a scene from Jurrasic Park. During the summer months, you can expect to see a bit more hikers climbing the rocks behind the waterfall overlook. But in the fall, you’ll have practically all of Jarogo Falls to yourself.

Sadly, if you’re going back to Mingora in one day, you won’t have much time to bask in the beauty of the rushing water. If you hike around 3:00, you’ll catch one of the last buses from Beha to Matta. For the more outdoorsy traveler, there is a meadow at the top of Jarogo Falls where many locals camp overnight.

Traveling to Jarogo Waterfall on Public Transport is not easy. With a lot of waiting and several transfers, the trip to this remote area of the Swat Valley is a lot for one day. But for those who consider the journey as important as the destination, a trip to Jarogo Falls will surely be one of your fondest memories of Pakistan.

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