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1 of many hidden Picnic Spots in Swat KP, Shingrai Waterfall Swat Pakistan

Known as the Switzerland of the East, the Swat Valley has been blessed with immense beauty. Rivers, lakes and waterfalls play a vital role in the beauty of Swat. Such charming and humming waterfall “Shingrai” also attracts people.

Shingrai Waterfall Swat is one of the new tourist spots in Swat Valley. This waterfall is perfectly located between tall green mountains. It is known for its amazing scenery along with a waterfall from the foothills. Shingrai is one of the best places for diving lovers.

Location of Shingrai Waterfall Swat

One such unexplored place is Shingrai Falls, at the foot of the Dwasaray Peaks about 20 kilometers north of Mingora. Local tourists visit the magical waterfall in droves to enjoy its cool and peaceful environment.

With the mercury rising, local tourists have turned to the Shingrai waterfall, which sees a significant increase in numbers on Fridays and Sundays.

The huge waterfall makes a booming sound amidst the gigantic hills overlooking it and mesmerizes the onlookers. Local tourists come every Friday to refresh themselves amidst natural beauty. It is a dazzling place perched among tall green mountains.

Natural Beauty of Shingrai Falls

On first visit, one cannot believe that such a beautiful and charming place is located only an hour’s drive from Mingora KP, it is a perfect family place where people can enjoy the peaceful nature and refresh themselves.

While the waterfall offers a panoramic view from the top, it captivates visitors with its roaring noise punctuated by the chirping of birds.

Although this beautiful place is closer to Mingora than any other tourist spot in Swat, there is no proper road leading to the waterfall, making it difficult for people, especially women, to descend the hill to the waterfall and then climb back to Shingrai village.

Shingrai Waterfall Height

Shingrai waterfall is also locally called Shingro Dand and its height is up to 35 feet.

Shingrai Falls are located in the mountains of Mangalore, on the outskirts of Mingora, the capital of Swat. There is also a beautiful village of Shingrai in the same mountains, located at a distance of about 18 to 20 kilometers from Mingora town. This distance from Mingora town can be easily covered in 50 minutes.

The waterfall of this area known as Shingrai falls from the upper mountainous region of ‘Sir Sardary’. The height of the waterfall is about 35 feet while its diameter is about 70 feet.

Tourism in Shingrai Waterfall

People come from far and wide to see the view of Shingrai Falls and have a lot of fun here.

The highway leading to Shingrai Falls starts from the Mangalore bypass at Sangota. This highway has been built to Shingrai village and is easy to travel. However, the road leading to the waterfall below Shingrai village is very dilapidated. Which the local people built with their help.

Thousands of local and foreign tourists come to enjoy the view of Shingrai Falls, but due to the dilapidated condition of the road and lack of facilities, most people are reluctant to go there.

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