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Shingrai Waterfall: A Serene Retreat Amidst Swat’s Natural Beauty

Known as the Switzerland of the East, the Swat Valley has been blessed with immense beauty. Rivers, lakes and waterfalls play a vital role in the beauty of Swat. Such charming and humming waterfall “Shingrai” also attracts people.

Shingrai Waterfall Swat is one of the new tourist spots in Swat Valley. This waterfall is perfectly located between tall green mountains. It is known for its amazing scenery along with a waterfall from the foothills. Shingrai is one of the best places for diving lovers.

Location of Shingrai Waterfall Swat

One such unexplored place is Shingrai Falls, at the foot of the Dwasaray Peaks about 20 kilometers north of Mingora. Local tourists visit the magical waterfall in droves to enjoy its cool and peaceful environment.

As the temperature soars, Shingrai has become a popular destination for local tourists, particularly on Fridays and Sundays, when visitor numbers significantly surge.

This impressive waterfall emits a resounding roar, surrounded by towering hills, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that captivates spectators. Each Friday, local tourists flock to this natural wonder to rejuvenate themselves in the midst of its breathtaking beauty. Nestled among the lofty green mountains, Shingrai Waterfall is a stunning location that never fails to enchant its visitors.

Natural Beauty of Shingrai Falls

During your initial visit, it’s truly astounding to fathom that such a picturesque and enchanting destination lies merely an hour’s drive away from Mingora in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Shingrai Waterfall is the ideal family getaway, allowing people to immerse themselves in serene natural surroundings and revitalize their spirits.

As you approach the waterfall, the panoramic vista from its summit is nothing short of breathtaking, while the resounding cascade is complemented by the melodious chorus of chirping birds, enthralling all who visit.

Despite its proximity to Mingora, Shingrai Waterfall distinguishes itself as the nearest tourist attraction in Swat. However, the absence of a well-maintained road leading directly to the waterfall poses a challenge, particularly for women, who may find it arduous to descend the hill to reach the waterfall and then climb back to Shingrai village.

Shingrai Waterfall Height

Shingrai Waterfall, locally referred to as Shingro Dand, stands at an impressive height of approximately 35 feet. Nestled within the mountainous terrain of Mangalore, on the outskirts of Mingora, the capital of Swat, this natural wonder is a captivating sight to behold. The charming village of Shingrai is also situated amidst these same picturesque mountains, approximately 18 to 20 kilometers away from Mingora town. This relatively short distance from Mingora can be conveniently covered in just 50 minutes.

The source of the Shingrai Falls originates from the upper mountainous region known as ‘Sar Sardary.’ This cascading wonder boasts a height of around 35 feet, with a striking diameter spanning approximately 70 feet, creating a truly remarkable spectacle in the heart of the Swat Valley.

Tourism in Shingrai Waterfall

Visitors from both near and far are drawn to the breathtaking Shingrai Falls, where they can revel in the natural beauty and have an enjoyable time.

The journey to Shingrai Falls commences from the Mangalore bypass, precisely at Sangota. This well-constructed highway provides straightforward access to Shingrai village, ensuring a convenient travel experience. However, the road leading to the waterfall, situated below Shingrai village, is in a state of disrepair. It’s worth noting that this road was laboriously crafted by the local community, a testament to their dedication.

While Shingrai Falls attracts thousands of local and international tourists seeking to savor its splendor, the deteriorating condition of the road and the lack of essential facilities can deter many potential visitors. This challenge hampers the overall accessibility and appeal of this natural gem.

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