tubko chasma in kanrach

The Land of Breathtaking Waterfalls – Tubko Chasma in Kanrach Lasbela Balochistan

Kanraj is a town and union council in Uthal Tehsil, Lasbela District, Balochistan, Pakistan. The Kanraj area is enriched with minerals and other resources. It is also called Kanrach. 

Access to Kanraj is restricted for tourists, hunting restrictions as the area is rich in wildlife including foxes, owls, ibex, rabbits, spring water fish and much more. Land of waterfalls and rivers.

Kanrach – the land of waterfalls – is an insanely gifted tourist destination in Balochistan and you can take our word for it. The place offers a perfect combination of waterfalls, lakes, plateaus and rugged landscapes that are enough to feed your wanderlust soul for a long time.

Location of Tubko Chasma in Kanrach lasbela Paksitan

Tubko chasma in kanrach is Located about 3 to 4 hours drive from Karachi and near Lasbella, Kanrach is a hidden paradise in Balochistan that cannot be seen by a common pair of eyes. A trip to a place like this only requires a true adventurer and explorer.

Karachi to Kanrach, Lasbela Balochistan - THE LAND OF BREATHTAKING WATERFALLS

The trek to Kanrach – one of the best waterfalls in Pakistan – is a treat in itself for tourists. Along the roads, you are guaranteed to come across ancient huts made of dried bamboo. While you will be mesmerized by the beauty of giant mountains with strange formations, small lakes with crystal clear water and marine nature will make you stop your car and just stand in awe.

As you move forward, the view ahead will change within a few hours and you will be greeted by a chilly breeze that will send chills down your spine. If you find yourself in a place with streams, hidden in stones and surrounded by green bushes – you have reached Kanrach.

Kanrach Valley boasts of an exceptional set of waterfalls that are present at different intervals. Make sure you discover them all while you’re there. It’s best to have a local or a friend who has been there with you to help you explore the place to the fullest.

Moving on, most tourists marvel at the crystal clear waters of the Kanrach Valley and are extremely excited, while others are simply awestruck by the isolation and sheer beauty of the place.

With so much to offer in one place, Kanrach is on its way to becoming one of the most popular destinations for adventurers and water sports enthusiasts. And we can also confidently predict that this little paradise in Balochistan will soon book a place on any list naming the best destinations for solo travelers in Pakistan.


Deals usually include food, transport (to and from the destination), guide and camping equipment (overnight stay). We have shared both options – the choice is yours.

As mentioned earlier, Kanrach, also known as the land of breathtaking waterfalls, is at a considerable distance from Karachi. So there are several tour groups and agencies that offer inclusive and exclusive packages for a day trip to Kanrach Falls. You can either join their group or organize one for your family or friends on a special request. For exclusive packages, you will have to arrange a group of almost 10-12 people.

Generally, people start their journey on Saturday or Sunday morning from Karachi. After a few hours’ drive from Karachi, they will stop at Winder for breakfast and then drive further north to the Duddur project – which is about a 100 km drive from Winder. You will then drive on the Khurkhera-Kanraj Road until you reach your destination.

The roads from Karachi to Kanrach are clean, flawless and well paved so you can take your car and drive without any worries. Be prepared to be disturbed by camels on the way. Don’t worry, get out of your car and become a wildlife photographer.

Kanrach Falls are in Dudur Bela district of Balochistan, 100 km from Winder. The name of the waterfall is Tubko, which is used by the local residents of Kanrach village. It is about 200 km west of Karachi, there is a heavenly place in Balochistan, a jewel of the land waiting to be explored in Pakistan. It is known as Kanrach Nai or Kanrach Falls.

The journey to Kanrach is an adventurous path to expertise. The attractive twisting and winding road passes through colorful and beautiful incised mountains, some with prehistoric incredible cross-carved monuments, some beautiful inexperienced gardens, jungles and fields that are terribly unusual to look for in Balochistan, in addition, huge watercourse valleys spread between them. lofty mountains. 

The disc thus offers dreamy scenic views that you have never experienced before.

Tubko Falls are 230 km from Karachi. This route offers some remarkable views of the mountar especially at morning and sunset. We see the beautiful scenery of the khirthar range glowing red. 

Tubko is a mountain range in Khuzdar district of Balochistan and has an elevation of 1432 meters above sea level. It is a fantastic and very cold waterfall and spring pool. It’s quite deep and dangerous, so if you don’t know how to swim, always wear a good life jacket. 

The last 5 kilometers of the main road are still undeveloped and dusty. And after 2 kilometers, the road from the main road to Tubko Falls is completely off-road. But in the dry season, you can take a risk and drive around 75% of the distance. Also a permit is needed at the Duddar FC check post.

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