tubko chasma in kanrach

Tubko Chasma in Kanrach: Balochistan’s Hidden Gem of Serenity

Kanraj, also known as Kanrach, is a town and union council situated in the Uthal Tehsil of the Lasbela District in Balochistan, Pakistan. This area is rich in valuable minerals and a variety of valuable resources, with Tubko Chasma in Kanrach being a prime example.

Kanraj boasts rich wildlife, including foxes, owls, ibex, rabbits, and Springwater fish, making it a habitat that requires strict hunting restrictions. Moreover, this area is a land of waterfalls and rivers.

Kanrach, often referred to as the “Land of Waterfalls,” is a remarkably gifted tourist destination in Balochistan. It offers an enticing blend of waterfalls, lakes, plateaus, and rugged landscapes that are sure to satisfy the wanderlust of any traveler for an extended period.

Location of Tubko Chasma in Kanrach, Lasbela Paksitan

Nestled in the heart of the Khuzdar district in Balochistan, Pakistan, Tubko Waterfall stands as an extraordinary testament to the mesmerizing natural beauty this region has to offer. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, this hidden gem has captured the hearts of adventurers, nature enthusiasts, and seekers of serenity.

Tubko Chasma, situated in Kanrach, is approximately a 3 to 4-hour drive from Karachi and is in close proximity to Lasbella. Kanrach is a concealed paradise in Balochistan, hidden from the view of the ordinary eye. A journey to a destination like this calls for a genuine spirit of adventure and exploration.

Karachi to Kanrach, Lasbela Balochistan – THE LAND OF BREATHTAKING WATERFALLS

The trek to Kanrach, home to one of Pakistan’s most magnificent waterfalls, is an adventure in itself, making it a delightful experience for tourists. As you traverse the roads, you’re bound to encounter ancient huts constructed from dried bamboo, adding to the charm of the journey. The landscape is a captivating blend of towering mountains with unusual formations, pristine lakes boasting crystal-clear waters, and a marine ecosystem that will compel you to pause your journey and stand in sheer amazement.

As you proceed, the scenery undergoes a dramatic transformation within a few hours, and you’ll be greeted by a brisk, chilly breeze that sends shivers down your spine. If you find yourself in a place surrounded by green bushes, with hidden streams meandering through the stones, you’ve reached the enchanting destination of Kanrach.

Kanrach Valley boasts a remarkable collection of waterfalls at various intervals, each with its unique appeal. Exploring these natural wonders is best done with the guidance of a local or a knowledgeable friend who has previously visited, ensuring you make the most of your visit.

The crystal-clear waters of Kanrach Valley leave most tourists exhilarated, while others find solace in the isolation and pure beauty of the place. With its diverse offerings, Kanrach is steadily gaining popularity as a sought-after destination for adventure enthusiasts and water sports aficionados. It’s safe to predict that this hidden paradise in Balochistan will soon secure a spot on lists featuring the best destinations for solo travelers in Pakistan.


Travel packages to Kanrach usually encompass provisions for food, transportation (to and from the destination), a guide, and camping equipment for overnight stays. We offer both shared and exclusive options to cater to your preferences.

Kanrach, renowned as the “Land of Breathtaking Waterfalls,” is located at a significant distance from Karachi. Several tour groups and agencies offer comprehensive day-trip packages to Kanrach Falls. You can either join one of their scheduled group tours or arrange a private trip for your family or friends upon special request. For exclusive packages, you’ll typically need to assemble a group of approximately 10-12 participants.

Typically, travelers embark on their journey from Karachi on a Saturday or Sunday morning. After a few hours of driving from Karachi, a stopover for breakfast is made in Winder. Following breakfast, the journey continues further north to the Duddur project, which is approximately 100 kilometers from Winder. The route then takes you along the Khurkhera-Kanraj Road until you reach your destination.

The roads from Karachi to Kanrach are well-maintained, smooth, and well-paved, allowing for a comfortable drive without concerns. Be prepared for occasional encounters with camels along the way. Don’t fret, take a moment to embrace the wildlife and capture some photographs.

Tubko Waterfall

Kanrach Falls, specifically Tubko Falls, is situated in the Dudur Bela district of Balochistan, about 100 kilometers from Winder. The locals of Kanrach village refer to the waterfall as Tubko. Approximately 200 kilometers west of Karachi, this hidden gem in Balochistan awaits exploration.

The journey to Kanrach is an adventurous expedition through enchanting landscapes. The scenic and winding route takes you through colorful, incised mountains adorned with prehistoric carvings, lush green gardens, rare fields, and vast river valleys nestled among towering mountains. The vistas you’ll encounter during the journey are unlike any other, offering dreamlike scenic views that leave a lasting impression.

Karachi to Tubko Waterfall

Tubko Falls are located 230 kilometers from Karachi and offer remarkable views of the Kirthar Range, especially during sunrise and sunset, when the mountains glow with a fiery red hue.

Tubko, situated in the Khuzdar district of Balochistan, has an elevation of 1432 meters above sea level. It features a stunning and refreshingly cold waterfall with a deep and potentially hazardous spring pool. If you’re not a confident swimmer, always wear a reliable life jacket when venturing into the water.

The last 5 kilometers of the main road leading to Tubko Falls remain undeveloped and dusty. The road diverges from the main road approximately 2 kilometers before reaching Tubko Falls, and it becomes entirely off-road. During the dry season, it’s feasible to cover around 75% of this off-road stretch. Additionally, you may need a permit from the Duddar FC check post for your journey.

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