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Boyun Valley Green Peak Kalam: A Hiker’s Paradise in Green Top (Kalam View Point)

Boyun Village locally called as Green Top or Green Peak, is known as the roof of Kalam Valley in Pakistan. It is one of the best and most beautiful places to visit in Swat Valley.

In recent years, Boyun Valley Green Peak Kalam has become the most popular and visited tourist spot in Kalam valley and now it has become most popular among tourists for its verdant views all around.

Boyun Valley Green Peak Kalam Pakistan

Kalam Valley is famous for its mesmerizing and stunning views and tourist destinations, of which Mahodand LakeUsho Forest, Chota Mahodand Lake, and Shahi Bagh are famous among tourists. And now Boyun village or Green Peak is a beautiful addition to these visiting places in Kalam Valley Pakistan.

Boyun Village and Green Top (Kalam View Point) are two names of the same destination, including lush green fields under the feet of gigantic mountains all around and a view from above of the entire Kalam valley.

Green Top Kalam Location

Boyun Village is a hilltop near Kalam valley where there is a village called Boyun on one side and it is known as the Green Peak or Green Top from where the whole of Kalam Valley can be seen on the other side. Moreover, the lush green fields of potatoes, wheat, and other seasonal crops between the two are a reason to cool the eyes.

In the enchanting region of Swat, you will find numerous historic and picturesque villages, with Boyun village holding a distinctive and notable position among them. The majority of Boyun’s residents are followers of the Muslim faith and proudly uphold their age-old customs and traditions, making this ancient Aryan village in Swat a truly captivating destination.

The lush hilltop area is renowned for its invigorating climate and refreshing atmosphere, where the sensation of the cool breeze against your skin is truly enthralling. It’s important to be respectful of the local residents’ privacy and seek their permission before taking any photographs.

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