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Blind Lake Shigar Valley Skardu: A Hidden Gem for Adventure Lovers

The blind lake Shigar Valley Skardu is a panoramic lake near the Shigar Valley, in the Skardu region, in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. Blind Lake is also known as Zharba Lake and it serves as a water reservoir for Shigar Valley residents. It is fed by the Indus River. The lake is on its way to the Shigar Valley. The lake is surrounded by the Indus River on one side and the Shigar River on the other.

Location of Blink Lake Shigar

Blind Lake or Zharba Lake is a beautiful lake between Skardu and Shigar. Although the lake is located in Shigar Province. Blind Lake is about 30 minutes from the town of Skardu. The lake is on its way to the Shigar region from Skardu.

Pearl and a hidden gem for adventure lovers. Visitors can enjoy a walk on sand and rocks and lush green grass. Hidden pearls between the mountains and the famous Sarfaraga Skardu desert. Most importantly the lake is located in the legendary K-2, the second highest mountain in the world.

Shigar Valley is a Gilgit Baltistan valley in northern Pakistan that is irrigated by the Shigar River and is concentrated in the city of Shigar. The valley extends about 170 kilometers from Skardu to Askole and is a gateway to the high mountains of Karakoram.  

Shigar Village, Skardu

The village of Shigar is the largest settlement in the valley. Although the Shigar Valley is a remote and inaccessible place, there are numerous villages in the valley. Askole is the last resort in the Shigar Valley, far from the high mountains. Shigar was a sub-administrative part of the Skardu District, which is now the province itself. 

The Valley is a tributary of the Indus River, near the town of Skardu. It is a popular hiking trail, hiking, and climbing, despite the harsh conditions there. Also, the valley attracts tourists as it is the gateway to Karakoram Hills, one of the highest peaks in the world, K2.

Although there is no direct water source. The idea and the possibility that the mighty Indus River is the main source of water for blind Lake Shigar Valley Skardu. The lake is surrounded by the Indus River on one side and the Shigar River on the other. Both rivers can be a source of water for the lake. 

Mountains of Shigar Valley

District Shigar is home to as many as eight thousand mountains. The most famous of these is the world’s second-highest mountain K-2. The region has great hiking trails, mountain climbing, hiking, camping, and other adventure sports. 

Fish Farm in Blind Lake Shigar Valley Skardu

A small fish farm was established by the Pakistani government in the Blind Lake Shigar Valley Skardu. The main purpose of this is to explore fish farming in the lakes of Gilgit-Baltistan. This is part of a University study according to one of the lake officials. Trout fish is a popular fish in Gilgit-Baltistan.

This fish is almost entirely in freshwater in the lake and in rivers. There are more than 300 lakes in Gilgit-Baltistan. The most famous of these are Shangrila Lake, Upper Kachura Lake, Sadpara Lake, Sheosar Lake, Attabad Lake, and Rainbow Lake. Most lakes still need to be explored.

The famous local boat Zakh has been used for years here to cross rivers in Gilgit-Baltistan. For the first time, a Raft or Zakh tournament was organized during the jeep meeting of the Sarfaranga Cold Desert in Skardu. That was a good trip and a good step to keep this traditional Baltistan Raft. At the Noroz event, the competition is organized by the local district authorities on the lake.

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