How to Choose the Best Mobile Phone for Me as per Needs and Budget

how to choose the best mobile phone for yourself

With the Introduction of Touch Mobiles and andoids, Mobile phones are nowadays have become a necessity more than luxury and enjoyment.

Choosing a best mobile for me has now been a challenging task. As countless companies are now assembling, manufacturing and marketing mobile phones. 


Some are using their brand names and introducing new and latest features equipped with up-dated technologies at higher costs. Whereas, other companies are following big brands and even challenging them as are providing the same features on relatively cheap rates.

Also, due to quick advancement is technologies, one’s mobile phone becomes obsolete and out-dated within short times even within months.

Main Factors to Choose best Mobile for me

So, one has to change mobile phone after every now or then. Also use to drop which is also a factor for changing your mobile.

Following factors are mainly involved to make a decision as which is the best mobile for me and what model or make you should purchase and what would be the best mobile for me as per my requirements.

  1. Budget
  2. Needs / Requirements
  3. Availability
  4. Release Time
  5. Phone Specifications
  6. Brand
  7. Durability
  8. After-Sale Service
  9. Warranty


Budget is the most important factor which one considers before buying a cell phone. Its money that matters the most. You require money to pay so that you can purchase a mobile Phone.

For this purpose one must decide a budget or maximum amount he is willing to spend on his new mobile phone.

Once maximum amount is decided, you should make a list of phones, ideally 5 or 6 sets should be shortlisted as per budget availbale.

Needs / Requirements

After shortlisting of 5 or 6 phones as per one’s budget, you should define your needs and requirements and use, for example, you need better camera or performance or speed or band 4G/5G, or size, or battery performance, or for general use.

One must be clear about his requirements, or the purpose for which his phone is being mostly used.


After pricing and identifying one’s requirement, now comes the stage to compare all these shortlisted mobile phone sets.

There are a number of websites which provides the facility of comparing to 3 to 4 phone models at a time. You have to just mentions mobile model & make, and all the specifications of the particular models will be displayed.

Alternatively, you can make a table and manually input all the phone’s specifications in that table and can compare different specifications and can further shortlist phones / models with specs best suits our requirements.

User Reviews

This is also one of the most important factors to decide the best phone for you. Always buy a phone which is 2/3 months old means released at least 2 or 3 months earlier.

Don’t buy a phone which is just launched. As you will not be aware of defects or drawbacks of the set as nobody has used it so far.

People make reviews on Youtube and other social media platforms. But make sure to avoid sponsored reviews as they just praise for every new set which is being launched. End user feedback is the most honest reviews about a phone working.

You should specifically look for cons and critical analysis so that you may know the drawbacks or cons of the phone set. In this way can analyze that whether you can live with mentioned shortcomings or not. 

Also must check reviews of websites where ordinary people & end users have commented about the mobile set. In this way you will have a better idea about the phone and it will help you in decision making and surely you will be satisfied with your purchase.


Some users are loyal to specific brands or brand lovers and they just purchase same brand and do not want to switch or shift. Or some other group of people who have already decided that our next phone will be from that specific brand.

If that’s the case, then one should and will for models released by that particular brand only.

After Sales Service

If a phone has malfunctioned, then which companies are providing after best sales services. and what are their terms and conditions.

Big companies like Apple etc. replace the device, in case of manufacturing fault withing warranty period, usually 1 year period from date of purchase.


If above factors and points are taken in mind, it is very likelihood that I will be able to buy a best mobile phone for me. Moreover, you will be satisfied with your deal as per your needs and there will be no regrets.


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